important ways you can improve your school performance

Be a leader. Train your sense of responsibility.
If the teacher asks for your help to do something like cleaning the class, do not hesitate to accept it. Invite some classmates and lead them to clean up the class together.

Listen to the teacher’s explanation well.
Answer any questions asked by the teacher if you know the answer. Do not wait for the teacher to call you to answer questions.

Do not be shy to ask.
Always ask questions to the teacher if you do not understand something.

Do your homework well, do not always find excuses for not doing it.
Do not be lazy to do homework with a reason to forget or procrastinate to do it. It’s nice if we do a homework fast, so still have plenty of time to play and watch TV deh!

Every home from school, always repeat the lesson that was taught.
Later when there is a replay so not much to learn! Fun!

Just rest, eat and play.
Everything is done in a balanced way. After school, we often want to quickly play and forget all other important things, for example eating and resting. And after a day at school, did not feel our bodies need additional energy input that can be obtained from the rest and the food we eat. Therefore we should be able to divide the time to eat, rest and play. If everything is done well, the body is so fresh every day! So do not often sleepy in class!

Many practice less-liked lessons.
If you do not like a subject, for example math, then practice a lot, take a course or study in groups with friends. After learning can play and add new friends in the course. Besides, who knows from less like math, you guys like it.

Follow the ectracurricular activities you enjoy.
Find out what activities fit and you like. For example if you like tae kwon do lesson, try to follow the course of the activity, so in addition to learning the lessons taught in school, you can also get additional lessons outside school.

Find a good coach.
Parents are the best mentors other than teachers. If something is not clear from the teacher’s information at school, you can ask the parents. In addition, you can also learn from friends who excel.


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