Importance of Insurance for Your Financial Future

Importance of Insurance for Your Financial Future

Pay insurance premiums increase the financial burden. Yes, many people think so. But, the question is, what is true is that?

Suppose we were awarded the ability to see what will happen in the life of the future, in the opinion of the top one hundred percent correct. Therefore, we can avoid something bad could happen. Especially the two most valuable: the lives and our health.

Unfortunately, nobody can predict disaster. And more frustrating, calamity will certainly affect our financial plan, even devastated porandakannya!

That is a compelling reason for us to have insurance. In essence, the losses caused by the disaster we do not have to bear alone.

You Protected Risk Insurance
It can not be denied, Indonesia still can not be said to be free from security threats. Especially in large cities, crime rates are still high. But, even though Indonesia is referred to as the safest countries in the world, disaster can still come without roughly and indiscriminately.

Here are a number of risks considering that threatens us all:
Accident in the road
Experiencing acute health problems
Can not work because of permanent disability
Loss of property (due to theft, fire, etc.)
Loss of income due to the efficiency of the company
Accidents in the workplace or at home
Being a victim of fraud or credit card business
Unimaginable how many risks that could destabilize our financial condition. The risk that threatens anyone of us, whether businessmen, laborers, head of the neighborhood, even though the president.

Insurance companies will assess the risks that threaten and guarantees replacement of your work. People working in the offshore certainly more risky than office workers. The higher the risk, the greater the guarantee of replacement in case of disaster.

Protection against Risks vs Insurance Premiums
The greater the risks insured, the greater the insurance premiums to be paid. So, do not think that you can be a participant insurance anywhere, which is essential lowest premiums.

If you are the backbone of the family, of course, a greater risk of your life. That’s why we can not just “the point is take insurance” to pay the lowest premiums. Even more important is the accuracy of the insurance program to our needs.

For example you are 30 years old, married, and pay insurance premiums of Rp 500,000 per month. If an when an accident resulting in permanent disability, you may wish to add a nominal premium once because currently only reimbursed USD 200 million as a result of the accident.

By paying a premium, for example, Rp 1,000,000 per month, you can get a replacement up to four times. Imagine the benefits to you and your family.

Examples of cases of accidents above is not engineering, but a real place in the world around us. Because stingy pay premiums, then leads to the failure of the plan to buy a home or children’s education difficulties.

Not only about the health and lives. The risk of loss of property are also many cases. I was so stingy pay premiums, the car lost nothing participate replace because no insurance. As a result, overdrawn to buy a car again. It would be different if we had gotten the insurance program.

Stingy premium comes from a mindset that feel that insurance is simply spending more that can be ‘saved’. In fact, not infrequently people assume, “insurance pay the same as inviting a disaster itself.”

Does your insurance Is Enough?
With examples of the above cases, no more stingy premiums. Or may already have enough with registered as participants of the Social Health Security Agency (BPJS) health or employment?

Company you work for was probably already have employee insurance program. Insurance programs that may have provided some protection, but limited in providing financial security for you and your family. Moreover, the Indonesian monetary condition is still greatly influenced other countries, so that the prices of basic commodities are often erratic.

It is time for you to rethink about insurance. Try to make the simulation as an example of the above cases. How much risk you have and how much you can afford to pay these risks alone?
It’s time you take off the public mind that insurance means paying for something that is not needed. One great if you think that the insurance only adds to your expenses.

Because, once again, we all run the risk that we can not forecast when the arrival. Insurance helps minimize that risk, so that your financial future and family is guaranteed. What is needed then is to regulate the expenditure items in order not broken.

As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. Instead tangled in financial problems after the stricken because they had no insurance, the better we prevent that problem.