How to Use BPJS Health Card for Childbirth

How to Use BPJS Health Card for Childbirth

Social Security Administering Body (BPJS) Health continues to develop and improve services to its participants. Although it still needs some improvements in its various systems, however BPJS has made it easy for many people to access health services.

Basically, almost all health care is covered by BPJS Health. But this is certainly followed by a number of procedures and provisions applied by the BPJS itself. For that, it is important to understand the various provisions and procedures applied in the service.

It is hoped that later BPJS Health participants will not experience any difficulties or obstacles to get the needed health services. One is for labor costs. asuransi pendidikan

What are BPJS Health Facilities for Pregnant Women?

Not only to pay the cost of treatment alone, BPJS Health also provide special services for the health of pregnant women who will give birth. In this service, BPJS not only bear the cost of labor alone, but also health issues during pregnancy, including ultrasound examination services.

In order to obtain this service, the participant must be an active participant of the BPJS, in which the person is registered and routinely fulfills the obligation to pay membership dues each month.

Associated with delivery services, all classes within BPJS Health will get the same service. That is, there is no difference in health facilities that will be obtained by participants, although he comes from different BPJS class facilities.

Then, what services will be obtained by pregnant women who will give birth with BPJS Health?

1. Ultrasound Inspection Service

Similar to maternity services, Ultrasonography screening service (USG) will also be provided equally for all BPJS Health participants who need it. It is important to understand the provisions that apply to this ultrasound service from the beginning, so that participants do not experience any constraints while doing so.

This ultrasound service can only be done once for one pregnancy. That is, pregnant women can only receive ultrasound examination using BPJS Health service as much as 1 time for 1 period of pregnancy until childbirth.

This process should be performed with a referral of an obstetrician who has examined the participants, and with a referral letter issued by the authorities.

If it turns out the ultrasound examination is done on the will of the participants or pregnant women themselves, then the various costs arising from it will be a dependent and will not be borne by the BPJS Health.

2. Childbirth or Maternity Services

For maternity services for participants BPJS Health, baya birth will be borne by the BPJS Health. However this should be done in accordance with the provisions applied by the BPJS, including a number of other mandatory procedures required.

There are no restrictions for this maternity service, each participant can get maternity services every time pregnant and childbirth.

In order to obtain maternity services from BPJS, you must complete the following requirements:

Childbirth process can be handled at Health Facility (Faskes) 1, because in general this faskes has been equipped with special labor for delivery requirement. Participants may register according to the procedure and obtain the required delivery service there.

Associated with the cost of delivery, which will be borne by the BPJS Health is a maximum of Rp600.000 for each delivery. If it turns out the cost incurred more than that amount, then the participant must pay the excess with personal money of course.

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3. Caesarean Surgical Referral Service
Caesarean section
Illustration of cesarean delivery

Under certain circumstances, BPJS participants may not be allowed to undergo normal delivery and must undergo a cesarean section procedure. This will require special handling and generally can not be handled in Faskes 1, due to the limited expertise and also other medical equipment.

Usually, participants will need referral to a larger hospital and have more complete facilities.