How to Take Care of Baby and Toddler Health

How to Take Care of Baby and Toddler Health

1. Expose the baby in the morning
Babies need to dry in the morning to warm the body. But you do not need to do it every day. Quite a few times a week. Even if you are drying the baby, let only for 10-15 minutes before 8 o’clock.

In addition to warm, drying the baby in the morning is also helpful to outline the bilirubin into compounds that are soluble in water and is issued as a urine.

2. Breastfeeding bottle when the baby sleeps
Give milk bottles is actually handy to lighten your task, especially at night. Because breast-feeding bottle when the baby wakes at night can make you a more practical and the baby was soon back to sleep.

But you also have to limit breastfeeding to bottle. Because breast milk bottle in the long term can settle in your baby’s gums. In addition, little is also prone to ear infections because the milk can be drunk into the channel eustachius the liaison between the throat and the back of the ear.

Therefore, if you have to leave a bottle of breast milk to the baby, you should pick up the little baby’s head to make it up. After that, the culture of the baby asleep and drop the bottle. Give milk bottle is also useful for those of you who are on the go and there is no special place for breastfeeding.

3. Bathing the baby with cold water
There is a myth that baby bath with cold water can make the immune system stronger babies. But this opinion is not correct. Indeed, cold water can make the baby’s body burning and metabolism increasing. As a result, the food in the body can be discharged to regulate body temperature.

Infants would then be rapidly exhausted and sick. Therefore, it is advisable to bathe the baby with warm water. Give your baby a little while and then immediately warm the baby’s body with oil greasing telon.

4. Baby slobber
Another myth about the baby: if the wishes of the mother during pregnancy is not met, the baby will be easier dribble. This statement is certainly not true. A common occurrence when a baby


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