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How to Take Care and Maintain Healthy Eyes

Eye pain is a disease that must always watch out for and avoid. It is because of this disease comes with never at any age. As a very important organ of vision, eye health is certainly highly recommended. The eye is one organ that is prone to diseases. In fact, eye diseases can happen because things are very spele.

Factors that typically makes the eyes vulnerable to pain include: reading a book in a dark place, playing games too long, too long in front of the laptop, and many other minor factors. There are several eye diseases that are already familiar in the ears society homeland. Diseases that attack the eye is certainly not a trivial disease. Some diseases that attack the eye, including: nearsightedness or myopia, farsightedness or hipermetropi, blindness, cataracts, presbiopi or difficulty eyes that can not see objects near and far, as well as color blind (can not see and distinguish various kinds color)

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