How to take care and educate Kids

How to take care and educate Kids

In infancy, the brain cells growing very rapidly. The toddler has a remarkable ability to absorb new knowledge and information. Here are some ways you can encourage and train the toddler to have a smart brain:

1.Memberikan asi

More research is scientifically proven that breast milk contains many nutrients that can enhance the immune system and the intelligence or the intelligence of the baby’s brain. Give exclusive breastfeeding in children from infancy.

2.Mengajak talk

Tell about anything to him. Clearly, the child became known, he is the center of our attention. It will support the development of knowledge of the language and thoughts.

3.Membacakan story

According to an expert on education, Dr.Rosmarie Truglio, can make children love reading books, increase the vocabulary and ability in vocabulary and develop skills in the language.

There is no reason too early to read stories to children. Now there are lots of good books with interesting colors and images to be read in children. Read out a story every day. Read with intonation and expression as we were playing drama.

4.Ikut play

Get involved when the baby play and teach you how to play the right one can accelerate the learning process in children. Growing social potential, can recognize his abilities, his talent, his interest is also his emotional needs. According to Dr. Jean Ashton.

5.Stimulasi intelligence with educational toys

Make sure the child has a toy that is not perfunctory. Give them educational toys children especially brain training games like puzzles, Sudoku games, chess or crossword puzzle special children. Besides asking children to memorize simple things can also hone a child’s brain, give praise and reward when he succeeded.

6.Menstimulasi intelligence with patches of drawings and writings

Buy letters of the alphabet made of plastic and store in the bathroom. Whenever bath, introduce new characters and do repeatedly until the child memorize. Or paste it on the room door, on the refrigerator door and a place easily seen by children. That way, the child will slowly begin to learn the relationship between speech and writing in the language.

7.Selalu do repetition

Many parents feel frustrated if their children repeatedly reading one page in the same book or watch a movie / VCD that’s it. Do disgust and panic. This is an important part of the process in which the child knows the information.

8. Fertilizer Curiosity

So that children have a passion and a keen interest in science, obviously parents should always teach and educate new skills. This is done so that the child’s curiosity is always maintained so that later will be found the highest interest in the field of what.

9.Mengajarkan physical activity

Remember, physical education directly related to academic education. Research shows that brain development is also closely related to physical education, like crawling before the age of 1 year. If the parent and toddlers often perform a variety of sports activities together, it can help increase physical development and the child’s brain. Encourage toddlers running, swimming, and more.

10. Maintaining Health

Scientists from the University of Illinois was able to prove the existence of a correlation between the health of the child’s performance in school. Teach children to exercise, keep clean and give a healthy diet and nutrition are met.

11. Avoid Junk Food

Junk Food aka fast food with sugar and high fat is not good for the child’s intelligence. Give children a highly nutritious food, especially for children between 2 years. The child should consume an amount of iron to help the brain grow. Give children a nutritious food intake and do not forget the vegetables and fruits.

12. Breakfast

Do not ever miss this one when the child will go to sekolah.Sejak 1970, many scientific studies that prove that a child eat breakfast in the morning or have a much better memory than those who skip breakfast.

Moreover, children are also better able to concentrate on his studies and also makes the child is able to learn faster. Make sure children have breakfast in the morning, even if only by a piece of cake or a glass of milk, it will greatly assist the child in learning.

13. Fill your intake of Omega-3 Fatty Acids For Children

Omega-3 fatty acids are very beneficial to the brain and can activate the brain areas that could potentially boost the power of concentration, memory and other cognitive aspects. Give supplements such as fish oil and other foods that contain omega-3 fatty acids and DHA.

14. Limit Watching TV

Letting children watch much TV is a way to educate children is wrong. Many watching TV makes children become lazy. In addition to the negative influence of TV shows would seep in children. Give children a schedule in a day watching TV about two hours, according to experts in child psychology.

15. The Family Warmth

The study was able to demonstrate that the emotional state stable warm and also very important in the development of cognitive function and skills in children. Conversely, children who live and grow up with parents whose character hard to have a greater risk to the child’s skill issues.

16. Overcome Stress in Children

Stress in children can interfere with brain function valuable. A study of children ages 9 to 12 years at the University of Malaga, Spain proves that children who feel stressed have test results involving the speed of the memory and attention are much worse than children who did not experience stress. Naturally, if a child is anxious about something, take the child to communicate and help them to resolve the problem wisely. Encourage your child to do something fun in order to avoid stress.

17. Know Nature

Some time outdoors are also able to improve the brain function of children, especially the attitude of attention, concentration and impulse control and memory of children. Nature seems to be able to make fresh brains of children with and also provides the opportunity for mental muscles to rest.
Let the children play in nature at least for 20 minutes a day. Children can spend time in nature while reading a book in the park or perhaps cycling on the streets overgrown with lots of trees, or maybe play soccer with his friends.

18. Pray

Always pray and plead to God, so that children grow up to be healthy, intelligent and pious. Similarly Teach children to pray so that he will have intellectual and spiritual.

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