How to Secure Shopping and Via Online Deals

How to Secure Shopping and Via Online Deals

The rapid development of technology does make a lot of changes in people’s lives today. The more advanced technology makes people now love things that are instant, easy, and fast. One of the things that most people do today is shopping online. Currently shopping via online is constantly evolving from time to time.

The easy way, simple, even with a cheaper price than conventional stores is a separate option for people who shop online. But even so, online shopping also has security risks that must be considered. So these risks can be minimized and make online shopping safe and comfortable. Well here’s a safe way of shopping and transactions via online that can be done.

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1. Use a Trusted Online Shopping Site
The first and fundamental thing to be noticed when shopping online is to use an online shopping site that is already reliable. Online shopping sites that are already reliable of course already equipped with applications that have secured securities.

So that makes consumers feel more comfortable and safe when shopping. With a big name, of course these sites will provide security for consumers.

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2. Select the Seller who has the Best Reputation
After that look for seller with the best reputation. Sometimes even when shopping at the largest online sites that implement the marketplace system there are still sellers who are not professional. So of course it will be harmful later on. For that make sure to select the best seller that is already recommended and has a pretty good reputation.

To find this information is actually very easy, usually on the online sites sellers with the best reputation can be seen from a star or a certain value. The higher the star or the value of the seller, the more trusted the seller. But if you shop online via social media, can see from the testimony of previous consumers.

3. Use Joint Account
In online shopping, using a shared account is the safest way for online transactions conducted to run safely and comfortably and avoid the risk of fraud.

This joint account system, the money transferred will not reach the seller if the goods have not reached you. New sellers can earn the money when it has confirmed the success of online transactions made.

On the contrary if the goods do not come to you or experience an order that is not appropriate, then the money transferred can be returned to you. Usually the application of this joint account system is already used by large online shopping sites.

Can also use a credit card as a secure means of payment. Many people choose to use a credit card because it feels safe, this is because you can cancel the transaction if the product is not delivered or not in accordance with the order.

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4. Pay close attention to Product Description
Many people who often receive orders that are not in accordance with the desire for not reading carefully about the description of the product to be purchased. In online shopping, consumers of course can not see directly the physical condition of the existing goods.

If you only see the picture, sometimes there are some product images that are less clear so that does not match the reality. So it would be better to pay attention to the product description more closely. For example, when you want to buy clothes, pay attention to the size, materials, and others of the clothes.

5. Avoid Public Wifi Usage
the most common risk of online purchases is that the identity and personal data of the account may be stolen by irresponsible parties. For that, to avoid it as much as possible to avoid using public wifi when accessing online transactions.

Using public wifi has a high enough risk of theft. So it would be better to use a private internet network to better maintain the safety and convenience of shopping.

Do not Forget Saving Transaction Proof

The most important thing on online transactions is do not forget to keep all the proof of the transaction. In addition, do not forget also to store detailed information related to the transaction what goods are purchased as possible.