Sediakan asuransi pensiun anda mulai sekarang

Masa pensiun akan tenang, jika anda menyiapkan dana pensiun dengan baik

Asuransi penting karena risiko tidak ada yang tahu

Anda bisa mengontrol kesehatan, tetapi tidak bisa mengontrol kecelakaan

Asuransi itu tidak wajib tetapi sangat penting

Ketika sakit dijamin anda tidak dapat mengambil asuransi

Kecelakaan tidak mengenal waktu dan tempat

Pintarlah mengelola risiko yang datang

Kami menyediakan solusi financial anda

Salah sau solusi financial dengan mengambil asuransi


How to Scold Children Rightly

Child mischievousness often triggers the emotions of parents, No doubt parents are angry immediately. Scold the child is okay, but with angry how. Scolding children does not mean we do not care about children. Sometimes we also need to scold the child. Scolding with gentleness is not two contradictory things. Gentle is the quality of attitude as the nature of what we do while scolding (not anger) is action.

Teach To Those Consequences, Not Threats

Children learn from us. Our attitude is a reflection for them, what we do they will imitate to get what they want or to show keakuannya.Selain from our environment also affect their behavior such as peers. Threats will not stop children’s delinquency.

All we need to do is

1. Return to the Qubhunal ‘iqab principle when the parrot
It is bad to punish without explanation
2. Make commitments with children to obey the rules
For example a child wants something to convey to his parents well and be patient if not able to fulfill it. Talk about it with intimate consequences when the child is angry because his desire has not been fulfilled.

“Mother has said many times”

One of the common habits of parents who hurt children is “Mother has said many times, but you will not listen”. This phrase is indeed effective to make the child silent but silent because his self-esteem fell not because he realized his mistake. The subsequent impact of self-concept and self esteem of children will be weak.

The child will look at himself negatively, so forget the various advantages that he had. The habit of saying that sort of thing should start we scrape off from now and have to start saying something more positive.

Do not Reflect Himself, Just Behave

Not infrequently children show negative behavior when he did not mean that way. Sometimes he also said that was not good without him knowing what the words meant. We can easily mistake the child’s meaning and get caught up in what we see. We need to learn to be more controlled in assessing children.

Do not let us turn off his positive initiatives. If he does the bad thing we need to do is show that he should be positive, we straighten his behavior instead of criticizing him.

His reproaches not on his actions can weaken his self-image, self-esteem, and self-confidence so that children have a fragile motivation.


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