How to save on everyday expenses

How to save on everyday expenses

Felt it was setting aside some money from income for savings, but the savings balance has still not increased significantly? Often the daily expenses that are considered small that actually makes savings secretly thinning – so even though we refrain from buying items such as mobile phones latest tertiary or motor vehicle, wallet still experience a ‘leak’. If left unchecked, this small expenditure will accumulate into increasingly large and serious. Small waste-waste is what will be discussed, along with how to change it.

Starting from the most obvious and perhaps the most cliché, namely food. We can bring lunch to school / work than lunch in the cafeteria or food court. Snacks brought from home can also reduce expenditures for fried food and other snacks.

The desire for a beautiful coffee-coffee or drink sugary drinks like soda should also be somewhat muted – can be a way to switch to water or other drinks that are not sugary, to prevent addiction while still quench your thirst. Even still want coffee, can brew their own in the kitchen. In any monthly shopping there are tricks that can be done. Keep the shopping in the minimarket (especially the 24 hours!), Because the goods are sold at higher prices than supermarkets or markets. Buy local products, because in addition to helping entrepreneurs in the country, the price is also likely to be cheaper because of lower transport costs of imported products.

If it is not concerned with the brand when buying a specific product – for example, floor cleaner or dishwashing sponge – branded products store (store brand) could be an option. Store branded products are often considered of lower quality – but as reported in TIME in 2010, in a number of experiments, store brand products and brand products are commonly considered to have roughly the same quality. Also written in the same article, the store brand products are often produced in the same place as the regular brand products. Last tips is to buy the products on the top shelf or bottom – for products with the most expensive price tends to be placed on the middle shelf (shelf at eye-level).
Although fuel is down, congestion and parking prices remained stable (unfortunately). The trick is more walking for traveling short distances, or taking public transportation – the bulk such as buses or minivans, not a motorcycle or taxi. Car sharing with friends who were in the direction of interest could also be an option. For those who have a personal vehicle, studying for an oil change or tire repair shop alone can save expenses.
Apparel, Personal Care Products and Services
The thing to remember is to shop for their needs, not because of stress or “want aja” (impulsive). Is it really necessary manicure every week, or buy nice shoes that are similar to the newly bought last month? Want to have a new dress, but in the closet is still a lot of nice clothes? Barter with friends could be an option to update the contents of the closet. Shopping at flea markets or thrift stores can also give a unique opportunity to get clothes at bargain prices. If you still want a new one, the progress of online shopping industry in Indonesia could also be used – prices tend to be cheaper than in the shopping mall and physical. Be sure to check and compare prices at different stores to get the best price.

Points of self-care service providers (such as spas, salons, etc.) can also be researched in advance on the internet, by looking at the reviews and opinions of others who have tried the place – do not let us choose a place that turned out to be expensive lower quality!

Often our spending depends on with whom we walk. With friends who tend to be generous (read: wasteful), we can be more meals at fancy restaurants and bistros, hanging out in places premium class, join events bertiket expensive, and others. This can be overcome with more hanging out with friends whose expenditures are lower or the low-maintenance lifestyle. It is not appreciated royal friends before, but more attuned to the capabilities.

It could also suggest activities that are more affordable, such as potluck party, board games, karaoke, watching a DVD at home, or go to events such as film screenings, exhibitions or festivals of the city. But what if I weve her high-maintenance, and I would weve ngeluarin money for socializing is more fun? In the end, everything is back again to the priority – if you feel followup event ran for Rp 200,000 or go to a concert with a band that is less familiar for you or rave party in Bali to-do good for the health and happiness of you, everything is fine as long as you do not come up short ,

Sports and Hobbies

Again, reassure yourself if you really need and interest, not just follow trends. If you would rarely the gym, do not sign up to be members. Complex jogging or sports on the internet following the tips could be an alternative. Bodyweight exercises such as body weight exercises only rely on its own without any tools, so that it can be done by anyone anywhere.

Before buying a variety of tools hobby, you should re-learn and record the hobby on the internet needs to assess which are really necessary and which are merely a sideline. For example, the hobby of photography: do you really need a macro lens that?

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