How To Save Expenses

How To Save Expenses

Frugality is one way to create a surplus that is most easily and quickly done. Frugality is not the same as the miserly or stingy. Frugality is to streamline the wasteful spending that is not in use. With frugality we can realize the future such as school fees, buying a dream home, realize the quality of life in the old days were better, invest, and so forth. Here are some techniques that can be done downsize to reduce costs and create a surplus in our finances.

1 Reduce Eating Out

Are you among those who frequently eat out when the office lunch hour? Or you often make appointments outside with colleagues, business associates or friends? By managing spending your lunch only able to save very much. Currently expenditure for lunch could reach Rp 35-50 thousand for a meal in a cafe or restaurant or even more. Bringing lunch from home can be a solution lunch expenses and contribute to your saving ability.

2 Mal Only When There Needs

How many times a month do you go to the shopping center or mall? Try calculating parking fees as long as you are in a shopping center. Not a bit does not it? Especially if you’re there for hours. You change the income painstakingly’re looking for and you give away to parking management. Visit the mall if you have the need and efisiensikan your presence there.

3 Pay Installment On Time

Avoid fines and penalties for late payments. If you have credit card debt, consider paying them off more quickly because you can not pay off the credit card with minimum payments. And credit card interest rate is one of the largest consumer debt. Be careful when using it so that you do not accumulate debt.

4 Take advantage of Promo and Credit Card Reward Points

However, that does not mean the credit card has no utility. Many merchants that work with credit cards and give special discounts for various products or services. Be it restaurants, electronic goods and so forth. And do not forget you have reward points with every transaction you are using a credit card. If you use them carefully, a credit card can be a good friend of frugality.

5 Using One Transport for Joint

If you have several acquaintances who have the same daily route to the same time, and depart or return at the same time. Consider using a vehicle to be together. You can share the expenses of vehicles along with your friends. Surely this is cheaper than if you have to use a private vehicle to the location of your job.

6 Eat the Menu Together

Lunch out with friends can also be cheaper and affordable when we decided to put together a menu just like we eat with the family. Often eating packets served in the restaurant is big enough for both of us. With a menu together, you can sample the menu without extra charge.

7 Planned Spending Big

In life we ​​have some big spending in the short term, medium and long term. If we plan ahead and anticipate big expenses, we can choose the best investment instruments that we can have. This means that we can save money and anticipate the major spending it at the expense arrived. Even in some cases the spending we can afford to be cheaper because no compensation from investment gains. Make a financial plan to help you to buy the future at a lower cost.

8 Vacation Planning Early

Buy air tickets, hotel accommodations and rental vehicles early usually much cheaper. Many airlines and hotels that provide special discounts at times of low season or when you place an order ahead of time. Use promo hotels and cheap airline tickets then you can save money even you can enjoy quality vacation better with the same budget.

9 Make the Yearly Sale

Although almost every month there is always a Sale, call Lebaran Sale, Christmas Sale, End of Year Sale, Clearance Sale, Valentine’s Sale and sale-sale other. But there’s always a special sale that gives a rebate of more than 50-60%. Take advantage of discounts this year to get the best goods at less than half the price.

10 Modify Appearance

Usually we want to look different in every opportunity. Do not rush to buy new clothes to make it look different. With little change in the color combinations of clothing, additional accessories and hairstyles you can also look different and keep it interesting. The combination of stock old clothes with new clothes may also be used to change your appearance. Smart to look for references to get the best combination.

11 Save Electricity

How often do you let the electronic device connected to the plug or power source? Although not used, electronic equipment connected to a power source still sucking electricity from the source. Turn off when not in use and unplug from the electrical source. Use power saving equipment was also sold in the market. The equipment function is to improve the quality of electricity in the house, so its use is better.

12 Driving Effective

Good driving techniques can save fuel up to 10%. Good driving behavior also could increase the age of the vehicle, thereby reducing maintenance costs. Many sources on the Internet that taught good driving and fuel-efficient. Practice and practice in daily life.

13 Avoid Loss

Congestion in Jakarta often can not be avoided, but can still be circumvented by arranging our travel schedule daily or arrange these trips are not too dense. Does not always work, but if at least we can reduce 50% of our journey in congestion, fuel efficiency can be quite significant.

14 Recycled Items Already Used Not Used

Check items and electronic appliances that are not used. Some may already be occupants warehouse or there might be some coveted collector’s item. If you still can have a value, it helps these items we sell and the proceeds may be an additional investment or your savings. In addition to avoiding the accumulation of goods at home, also can train our intuition in the decision to shop in the future.

15 Installment Balance Transfer Credit Cards

High-interest credit card? If no offer low-interest soft loans you can make it as an alternative to the repayment of your credit card. You should make sure is that when you change your credit card repayments into other loans, the loan turns into a fixed installment loan. Here the ability to repay should be considered.

16 Buy Products Made Supermarket

Sometimes we find that usually we visit the supermarket sells similar products with its own brand. And generally the product is sold at a price below the price of similar goods with a brand that is already known. These goods can be used as an alternative to spending less for the same category or become substitutes needs of your monthly routine.

17 Shopping Together

Purchasing goods in wholesale quantities will certainly get the wholesale price. To get around the regular expenses we can also do regular shopping with friends to get the wholesale price. Of course, these activities should be carried out at the grocery store that sells household goods in bulk.

18 Reduce Annual Fees Fitness Center

How often do you come to the gym? If if your savings do not significantly, paying the appropriate attendance will save you money compared to paying gym membership dues on an annual basis. Usually most people pay membership fees because it looks so much cheaper, but in fact often they are not consistent in utilizing the facilities provided. Finally, it could be a membership at a fitness center that will be redundant and wasted as unused.

19 Cycling Towards Workplace or use public transportation

Bike to work. Why not? In addition to saving, this activity also healthy and reduce environmental pollution. Ensure the safety and health of your bike trip. Using public transport facilities is also a good alternative if the location of your house is far from the location of the office.

20 Reduce Gadgets at Home

The average household has three gadgets at home. And every gadget should usually be connected to the Internet. If each gadget has its own network subscriptions of course this would be excessive spending. If the gadget is not overused it helps us to share in its use.

21 Use Wifi Shared Facilities

Connect network at home with wifi network so that you simply only have one network for all your electronic devices that require Internet network. In fact, you can also use the Internet to several homes in one area. Note the provisions of provider for this.

22 Gardening At Home

Grow their own fruits or vegetables favorite. In addition the results can be enjoyed by itself, could also be part of the proceeds sold. Currently there are gardening communities are growing. Call it like Indonesia Gardening community. They learn how to take the vacant land around the house for gardening and at the same time utilize and market the results of the orchard.

23 Budayakan ASI

Milk is the primary needs of the baby. And no milk is best for infants in addition to breast milk (ASI). With emphasis on breastfeeding to infants during the first 2 years the growth of the baby, the cost-saving formula could be diverted for other future investments, such as for a child’s future education fund for example.

24 Location Strategic Housing

Location of residence is too far from the location of other work going to waste energy will also drain the bag due to high transportation costs. Consider for a location closer to home or work location daily activities like school children.

25’s Alternative Recreation Weekend with Family

The mall is currently the only entertainment for the urban community for family recreation. Though there are many alternatives other than a weekend at the mall. We could invite the family to places other more instructive recreation such as a zoo, cultural centers, historic sites or museums.

26 Zero Cost Savings Account Administration

Reduce monthly expenses by choosing a savings free of administrative costs. With this facility the money we will be free from unnecessary expenses, and the savings rate could remain intact ours.

27 Deliver Annual Fee Credit Cards

Use the free annual fee on your credit card. Annual fee on your credit card can now be used to invest in mutual funds. If we could save this expenditure is not likely the result of these savings we can use for our old age.

28 0%

No one avail this facility. If you really need an item immediately, and you have to buy it in installments. As much as possible you reduce the cost of interest to obtain a 0% installment. Moreover, if the goods you buy belong to the productive goods or assets which generate or increase in value over time.

29 Familiarize Bid

Habits bid is a good habit. You never know if the items you see and the display can be bought at a cheaper price with the bid. Unfortunately, people now often prestige to bid. Rest assured we can get a good price deal with a clever bargain prices.

30 Survey Before Buying

Survey items you need before buying. Compare quality, price and guarantee after purchase. With the internet to buy goods now become easier and cheaper. The survey can also be done quickly. Take advantage of technology to get the goods you want. Being a smart shopper is a wise choice.

31 Consider Buying Used Goods

Outside many used items are still in good condition. Either because the person got it from the gift, regret after purchase, or in need of money, the decision to seek alternative thrift good condition worthy of being an alternative finding bargains. A careful look at the condition of the goods is the key to its success.

32 Reduce Smoking

If the average person smoking one pack a day for about Rp 15,000, – then spending a month cigarettes to around Rp 450,000, -. Enough to buy investments in mutual funds or buy good health insurance or soul that can be used for future purposes.

33 TV Together for Families

It is better to put a TV in the family room rather than being in each room. Use the moments of watching TV with the family as a moment to chat with friends and educating children. At the time that this busy we often lack the time to be with family. With the TV in the living room, the family could be closer and among family members can learn to tolerate the use of shared facilities.

34 Use Member Card Spending

Almost all modern store is currently offering a membership card spending. A good idea to enroll you for the offer at a special price or promos that are not given to the common shopper.

35 Stop Shopping Food Overrated

Hungry eyes. That’s what often happens when shopping. It seems that all foods have to be purchased on the spot. Do not forget the food is included categories of goods that do not last long. Gradually goods groceries it will rot if not used immediately. If you frequently need to dispose of foodstuffs due to decay in storage, it helps you just do not buy more than you need in the short term.

36 Use Gadgets to Save Communication

Technology invented to make our lives more efficient, easier and more efficient. Use existing communication facilities in your gadget to simplify and cut your spending.

37 Search Resources Guide

Information and knowledge at this time, we can find and locate almost without leaving your money with the help of internet. Many sites that can help us in the development of ourselves, increasing knowledge or expertise.

38 Keep Healthy

Maintaining health is also one of the important investment. How much it cost and how many opportunities are lost because of health problems. Keep your body functions diligently and regularly exercising, eating nutritious foods and healthy-and cultivate the soul so that the farthest from physical and psychological illnesses.

39 Say No to go mouth Unnecessary or Useless (Although Discounts)

For some people, refused to supply it difficult and awkward. For individuals such as is the courage to say no to offers that unnecessary or useless is important. Notice how much useless stuff you have at home because they can not say no.

40 Manage Your Own Home

Using a domestic worker does reduce the power load. But if it is not necessary at all, we should learn to manage and regulate their own homes. The many positive aspects that can be generated by reducing the reliance on domestic workers.

41 Some Items Only Looks Attractive When On display

How to display merchandise store and provide lighting and laying has been considered very mature. It makes a difference when the goods have been up at your house or you wear. Even the atmosphere of the store has been designed in such a way to lure your shopping desires. Prioritizing needs before wants.

42 Use Water Efficiently

The advantage of living in this country there is water everywhere. In fact we can enjoy it almost all the time. Use water effectively to reduce the expenditure of electricity or clean water. Modern bathroom with a shower uses less water than a bath tub.

43 Selecting Route

Plan your daily route. Strive to manage the journey in one trip. Bring the meeting point locations in the area adjacent to not only efficient in terms of time, but also the power and energy.

44 Maintain Vehicle

Good vehicle maintenance can extend the life cycle of vehicles and also increase the bargaining power when resold. Not to mention a sense of calm when used in everyday life. Well-maintained vehicle is also automatically consume less fuel than the less well maintained.

45 Produktifkan Assets

Having assets that are unused idle is redundant. Find ways to memproduktifkan assets. Make these assets into a cash machine you are, because otherwise the item will undermine your wealth over time.

46 Rawat goods with Good

You have a collection of bags are expensive and branded? Take care of well. It is not impossible that one day goods can be recycled and you can resell.

47 Save Money Receh

This is one mistake in managing money. When looking at the money in small denominations (especially coins), our brains are hardwired often that the coin is not important. As a result, we let the money-dime went unattended. Let a little practice. Try to collect coins that you receive every day in one container for a month and see how much money you collect in a month.

48 Use Energy Efficient Air Conditioning

The air conditioning is one of the electronic devices that are common today among the urban community. If you are still using old air conditioning system, you should immediately leave. In addition to old and uses a large power, the equipment is not very energy efficient.


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