How to Raise & Scold Children Good & Wise

How to Raise & Scold Children Good & Wise

Good parents reprimand in time. Conscious or not reprimand Father & Mother to the baby must be done at the right moment. When the selection of time (mementumnya) wrong then the consequences of his behavior is not reduced, but even more brunt and become-so or even worse because of the actions of his own parents. Therefore, there must be careful consideration before doing so.

At first, we know together that everyone has an animalistic nature in him. That it has attached perfectly to its flesh, blood and bones. It is not an easy matter to change the nature of someone who is full of resistance and violence for the better in the future. A good rebuke takes patience to rebuke & scold the child at the right moment.

Another one that we need correction to reprimand & scold the child must be tailored to his abilities. Because every child has different emotional, understanding and intellectual levels when he gets a rebuke in the direction of others. Therefore recognize the sensitive sides in life so that you can touch the part so that he is more according to when reprimanded & scolded.

In some instances we have witnessed, it can be observed that sometimes the expression of parents is too hasty when rebuking & scolding the child. After all, a wise parent waits for several stages before actually scolding a child. Some of them just let them in order to taste the bitterness of his choice.

Your own experience about snacking habits

We are still ringing with the habit of childhood and adolescence first.It is a bad habit that is difficult to be abandoned because when teenager desire to take something that is not own belongs still happen. But we are indeed unprofessional thieves (his name is also a child wkwkwkkkk) so it always caught. This wrong activity takes place automatically, just as unwittingly happens. But along with the development of awareness and knowledge of the truth then the habit has been sunk long as a memory to be a life lesson.


Differences anger and anger

Anger is the normal state that is shown to express the emotion of something. Anger is good as long as it is under control but the unbridled anger tends to many offenses there. It may be that people who are angry out of control (angry) will lead to violence, bullying (mockery), insults and other dirty words. Therefore make sure your mind is clean while doing it.

The main key that makes your anger to be good is when the heart is not upset doing it. If you feel you are getting annoyed with the situation and the people inside it would be better if you (1) get out of there and start looking for fresh air to calm the mind. Or it could be (2) just keep silent while refreshing the brain so that the sense of annoyance goes first, then you re-reveal the true content of the heart.

So the point is when you scold your own child then do it without any feeling of annoyance (mo’otu ndro / mo’otu dodo) in dslam mind Dad & Mother.

When Father & Mother began to feel annoyed then it is better not to scold the child first but clean up the feeling of annoyance, then just after you anger your child.

Preparation phase

Before giving a gentle or hard warning to the child it would be better if Father-Mother to correct themselves first. So it can be ascertained that the body and broom used for cleaning it is already good. Here are the traits they must have before rebuking and scolding their own children.


Prayer is the main component to rebuke your child. Because in their minds there is a kind of stone or wall that acts as a barrier so that the advice of his parents does not enter dipikirannya / does not make sense to him. By praying also the anger of the parent may subside because the prayer will merefreshing your mind that may be chaotic / intricate.

Start your rebuke to the child by praying. Please the patience and strength of the Creator to make the process peaceful and your goals can be well realized.

Use the principle of equality and be a friend for your baby.

Never assume that the position of the child with you is much different. Because attitudes that see children lower tend to dictatorial behavior. Keep closeness with the child by always doing open communication. Do not forget to be a good listener then let him form his own argument.

When you scold the child make sure it happens as if you are communicating with it. Like sharing people to find solutions to problems that occur. When you put yourself as a friend to him undoubtedly they are more open to receive advice from their parents.


Be aware of your child’s mistakes.

Some parents are less aware of their children’s mistakes. Probably too busy with his job so less watching them. Remember that continuous errors will be a habit brought to death.

Parents should be patient.

Be aware that patience is needed in all walks of life. You do not have to be a very strict Policeman giving a rule, once breaking a strike. But it would be better if a small error is left for several times and then scolded after the error has accumulated several times.

Need the right moment.

Success or not a reprimand to the child depends on the time of execution of the warning. Parents can not just give a warning to their children but try to do it in private. If the business of rebuke in the eyes of the four failed then the father-mother do next is to talk about it in front of the big family so that there is a weight of shame behind the warning.

Know yourself – Do not tell others clean but yourself is not clean.

Being a good rebuke is by first correcting yourself whether your life is in accordance with what is to be rebuked from the heart. Our point is not to have a father admonish his son against being abusive to other people when the father often speaks to his wife at home.

Do it slowly.

The fruit of your heart that is still small has the ability to catch that is still in the development stage. To rebuke & rebuke with intonation too quickly can not be caught by him so there is a tendency to not understand what you are talking about. Therefore, release the words slowly so that children can capture your true intentions and goals.

Avoid issuing negative words & prejudices.

Make sure that when rebuking the baby, the first pause does not need to be done emotionally while issuing negative negative words or satire like, stupid, crazy, insults and others.

Convey everything gradually.

When scolding a child, there is no need to get too lust to get out the dirty and shameful words when it was the first mistake. Start scolding your child with sign language first.

Do not force your will.

Some parents overly impose their will or rather their desires. Such a dittor attitude will not bring much progress in the child’s life because they are not PC computers with high accuracy and precision, when in press A then exit A, when GA presses then exits GA and so on. Realize that sometimes they misunderstand the command because the senses are still not working maximally, it may be when you order to take this precisely that taken it, when told to change it exactly that changed. That’s what human friends are, full of mistakes but if they continue to be trained will undoubtedly provide better and consistent results.

The three things that parents need to change when reprimanding & scolding their children, namely awareness, knowledge / intelligence, the consequences that will be borne both now and in the future.

Do not be trivial with sanctions.

What is the reprimand without a sanction. We expect every parent to have / keep social sanctions against his children for example by washing dishes, sweeping floors, taking water from wells, not given snacks and so forth. This sanction must be consistently enforced so that the effect of the sound is real.

Allow time to change.

Clear changes need a process that is not short. Especially when it is related to the habit. It’s harder to change the familiar error than the recent mistake. Therefore it would be better if you are observant to know the mistake of the baby so that can be directly reprimanded for immediate abandonment.

If the behavior to be abandoned is often done before-then this kind of change would take not less time. Therefore, be patient and give the child a chance to make his own changes.

The wishes of parents who want instant-express.

Some Father & Mother really want his son to obey 100% like a robot just by voice only. Parents of this type are very lazy to do something more, they just love to talk to admonish his son. Even when his son would not listen anymore, they began to shout and utter dirty words to his own flesh. This kind of scolding technique is impossible to succeed.

Some parents consider trivial sign language and flutter too often.

For example, parents who always plot their children then it will be considered normal by your child, too


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