How To Overcome Step (convulsions) in Children

How To Overcome Step (convulsions) in Children

Step or convulsions are usually referred to as stuip is a disease caused by the body heat increases dramatically. Temperature children affected by body heat step is usually around 38 degrees Celsius, which causes muscle contraction in excess of the normal state and lead to seizures and the body becomes stiff called epilation. Seeing the child’s condition like this of course parents will be very frightened and worried much less do not know what to do.

Step is very common in children in general, especially in children who are immune system. Aside from raising the temperature of body heat that increases dramatically exceeding 38 degrees Celsius (epilation) step can also occur due to a fever caused by a virus infected the child’s body so that the immune system of children will be active in the body that cause side effects such as seizures. To mengatasai this as parents we must not slow at all but we also should not panic because it will only make things worse. High fever accompanied by seizures this are indeed very dangerous disease and bring a physical effect for health as below.
A. The impact of children affected by step
– The body will harden or rigid
– Bulging Eyes
– The temperature of body heat reaches over 38 degrees Celsius
– Damage to brain cells
– Reducing the level of IQ or intelligence
– Loss of consciousness shortly
– Sometimes the breath pauses
– Dental will continue to bite

Above, are a major impact of the step that usually occurs in
children, to be sure how to treat the child was rushed to the hospital nearby to receive medical treatment. However, when a trip to the hospital of course there are things we can do for the child so that the step is not worse later …. Please refer to the following important points.

B. How to Overcome Step (seizures) In Children:

1. Compress the child’s head with cold water using a wet towel.
2. Massage the hands and soles of the feet of children in order to heat evenly into the body (it is intended that the heat is not centered on strep throat).
3. Use a spoon that has been coated cloth into his mouth in order to avoid damage to the hard tooth bites.
4. Do not hugged her tightly as it will only add to the higher summer temperatures and the child can breathe as much as possible.
5. Carry straight nearest hospital immediately. If the hospital is much contact the ambulance!
The most important step is when children experience with poise and quick. And knowing what the correct first step to do when going to the hospital. So how to resolve step (spasms) in children who should be known by every parent. May be useful …


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