How to manage money for a boarding child

How to manage money for a boarding child

Being a boarding house (kos), supposing to start a self become more independent, because faced with regulating all things and meet the needs of life itself. His name is also boarding children, ranging from living, eating, to other daily needs, must also be fulfilled itself.

From that too, then not infrequently labeling boarding children is sad because it is known always troubled with his finances. Moreover, when the boarding children who all their needs still depend on parent shipments. Until the middle of the month too, so hope-please anxiously waiting for the kindness of his parents.

Also not much different from the boarding children who are already working and have their own income. Plus if the salary is not as much as expected. Towards the end of the month was heavy and long wait salary down.

So, whether it is boarding children who are still subsidized parents or those who have worked, not infrequently experience critical periods every month. That is, pockets often conceded and ran out of money when monthly deliveries or paychecks were still far from their schedule.

It does not matter if this happens occasionally or even just the first 1-2 months alone. But, what if almost every month you experience it? Then, what really happened?

Manage Financial Error
All the problems of boarding children is not free from mistakes in managing finances. Unconscious habits are actually wasteful is one cause of financial mess.

Most, both students and workers, often lose control when spending their money, without a planned and detailed calculation. If this continues, then it is not impossible that financial problems will continue to happen each month.

If it were so, for those who are still in college, it is not possible to interfere with college. And for workers, dig a hole close the hole will be a routine every month. If you have this, independent financially will be hard to come by.

There are many things you can do to manage your finances well and appropriately, so that your monthly money can cover all your needs for a whole month as a boarding student. Consider some ways in managing the financial of the following boardingers:

1. Record Monthly Requirements and Arrange the Budget in Detail and Thorough

Do not be grandiose in managing finances, as if you can manage them flexibly and without good records and calculations. Every penny of monthly money should be arranged in such a way that it becomes important for you to arrange it.

Do not be lazy too, record all your basic shopping needs and do not forget to arrange them wisely. That is, only a very important need and not things that you really do not need.

Do this in a relaxed state, so you can be careful and careful in remembering and recording everything you will need during the next month. Remember, only the things you really need are important to prioritize in this financial budget record, not others.

Calculate all the number of needs, so you more easily see the amount of money that must be spent to fulfill it. Do not forget to adjust the amount of this budget to the amount of money you earn each month. So you can meet your various needs well.

2. Perform Monthly Spending at the same time

Monthly shopping routine is done in small alias installment it feels light. But the truth is not so in the end. Precisely that there can make your regular budget even swell without realizing it.

For that, avoid back and forth shopping monthly needs. Because this can make you waste. Perform monthly shopping activities at once, where you buy all the needs for a full month just one time, eg toiletries, durable food, snacks, and so forth.

This will help you to more easily manage your expenses. Because you will not repeatedly go to the supermarket and repeatedly also tempted to spend other items that may actually you do not need, the term is hungry eyes.

Do not forget to make a shopping note first before going to the supermarket. So you can more easily and quickly in shopping. This can also help you to save money, because only the items on the list are mandatory and will be purchased later.

To avoid the swelling of spending money, it is obligatory for you to only bring enough money or fits for the price of the goods you will buy.


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