How to Maintain Healthy Babies To Not Easy Pain

How to Maintain Healthy Babies To Not Easy Pain

Care for newborns may be a very happy experience for a mother. New role as a mother in addition to encouraging sometimes also raises concerns. Well here’s a few tips to stay awake the baby’s health, among others:

1. Drying the baby in the morning
This is very important especially for infants born in yellow, because it will get morning sun can reduce the bilirubin into compounds that are soluble in water and is issued as a urine. Quite dry in the sun for 10-15 minutes before eight o’clock in the morning. This is done in order to warm up the body of the baby.

2. Prepare a bottle of milk when the baby sleeps
Milk bottles is only used to ease your task alone. It can make you more practical when the baby wakes at night. But you need to know, too, that a bottle of milk can interfere with infant development. Deposition of milk can be assembled on the gums, but it is also more susceptible to ear infections because they drink milk can enter the channel eustachius. This channel is a link between the throat and the back of the ear. So, when should give the milk bottle, lift a little baby’s head after tidurkan back without a bottle of milk.

3. Give your baby with cold water to the baby to be strong
Perhaps you’ve heard myths about the baby bath with cold water can make the baby stronger body resistance. Of course, the myth is not true. That is why a newborn baby swaddled by his parents. The cold water can make the baby burning and metabolism increases, so that the food in the body become depleted to regulate body temperature. Babies can easily exhausted and eventually sick. Therefore, the baby should be bathed warm water and not too long, and try to stay in the warm after bath.

4. Baby slobber
It is normal for babies drool and this will last until the baby is 4 years old. However, if excessive salivation, the possibility of inflammation or infection in the oral cavity. It is also a sign of when the baby will grow teeth.

5. Baby bedwetting
Babies that bedwetting is a natural thing and it will happen until the age of two years. Because urine controls were not functioning perfectly. However, teaches baby pee earlier will be better, so at the age of biennial he can control his bladder. And when it comes to the age of two years still wet, be aware of the possibility of biological or psychological problems.

6. Spit after eating
Spit is a food or beverage that comes out shortly after the baby baby eating or drinking milk. Attractions in occurs when a baby has a glut or a lot of the incoming air as he ate or drank milk. Spit up can occur when a baby octopus too tight or it could be because you have the wrong position when the baby is eating, for example with the supine position. And try to make baby burp when it had finished eating and drinking.

7. Holding her
Is happiness itself could be holding a baby, especially when the baby is the first child or grandchild. By holding a baby can make the baby feel more calm, but did not make the baby train his emotions. Typically, babies who used to be picked up will be happy until he is rather large and he would feel lazy to walk. This will make you trouble later, especially since the baby’s body is getting bigger and heavier. When starting strong neck muscles, he was able to control his head well. You can ask him to play with the baby raised high, swung it, as well as several variations of carrying a baby. And in this way to help train the child to control his emotions.

8. mengempeng
Mengempeng child under the age of two years is reasonable. But when it is over the age of two years is an addiction, either by using a pacifier or his thumb. This is what can experience psychological disorders. Try to divert the child’s activities to train stop mengempeng.

9. Baby sweating
It is not true the notion that children are always sweat it was a healthy sign. Actually, excessive sweating is not a healthy sign, but there are certain disorders such as, stress, excessive thyroid function, low blood sugar and excessive weight. And you should be aware if the boy began to sweat excessively.

10. Provide vitamin
You can leave a vitamin when the child has a poor diet. If you want to provide additional vitamins, give them as needed because the vitamin is very helpful if the child is very needed. For example, vitamins to increase appetite, vitamin enhancer of iron, etc.

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