How To Maintain Children’s Health To Not Easily Painful

How To Maintain Children’s Health To Not Easily Painful

Every parent would want her child cheerful and cheerful especially when he was cool to play it is really a happy moments for parents to their children. But not all children can play cheerful so on because one day our children will surely fall ill.

This is what will be the concern of a father and mother. In this transition season, of course, a mother must prepare supplies from an early age in order to know and what to do when our child gets sick. Maintaining the child’s health is very important, as the child’s successor must be maintained as long as he has not been big and can take care of himself. Whether it’s in terms of food, playground, even when he was alone. Our job as a parent should at least know what causes the sick child and how to prevent the child from getting sick easily.


Causes of Pain:

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As parents we have to know what foods are eaten by the child, usually parents often ignore the dangerous foods consumed by children such as outdoor snacks. Outdoor snacks such as drinks, crackers, bread, chocolate and other foods can be one cause of disease in our children.

Unbalanced Diet
Maybe our children eat a lot but not in accordance with the nutritional needs and nutrients needed by the child’s body. Many children do not want to eat vegetables while eating rice, then rarely drink milk after eating. This is what makes the child lack of nutrients and vitamins that make the child easily sick.

Playing Dirty
When you’re playing, children may not realize that the place they are playing is full of germs that threaten their health.

Too Close With Pets
Animals often cause problems in children, most houses must have pet pets that are favored by parents such as chickens, birds, goats, cattle and even cats. This will be a health problem for the child when he touches and holds his or her let alone kiss the animal. Because every animal has its own virus.

Playing Rain
Rain is a gift from God but rain is very liked by children, when it rains, children want to play outside with water that descends from the sky. However, if the body’s resistance to the child is less certain will even cause problems for health.

Playing Too Old Under the Sun Rays
Sunlight is good for the health of the body because if we even children who are not exposed to sunlight the body will weaken. But if too long children play under the sun is also not good because the temperature of the body temperature becomes abnormal.

Extreme weather
In the era of globalization as now the weather that turns the cold heat it has become commonplace in the world but of course cause the human body’s health decreased let alone a child’s body of course be bad for health impact when the weather does not fit.

Cigarette Smoke And Pollution
Keep your child away from cigarette smoke or dirty air pollution. If the child often breathe unhealthy air this surely the child will easily get sick.

That’s some of the most that causes the child to fall ill easily. At least as a parent must know what causes our children susceptible to disease. For that we need to prevent it by manual action to maintain the health of our children from an early age. You see below.

1. Make sure the child is already in polio immunization
An immunization vaccine or polio injection is a must for children because it is a major factor in preventing various types of diseases that will attack children.

2. Nutrition and Nutrition Fulfilled
Make sure the child gets nutrition and nutritional intake so that the body is healthy and not deficient in vitamins. Like vegetables, fruits, and milk.

3. Maintain Home Cleanliness
Home is the palace for every family because 70% of our activities do home, of course we have to clean the house so that germs do not spread everywhere. Especially on the floor and other equipment that is touched untering.

4. Enough Rest
Sleep is a very good rest and important for the body, make sure the child sleeps faster than the parents. Children need to sleep 11 s / d 13 hours per day. So we have to keep an eye on and get kids to sleep regularly.

5. Give Children Vitamins
The age of the child is the development of gold that we must guard in addition to healthy foods and drinks added vitamins are also necessary to protect his health in early development.

6. Maintain Body Cleanliness
Most children do not pay attention to the cleanliness of the body of course as our parents should always clean and teach the child how to bathe and cleanse the body properly. At least at least twice a day.

7. Teach Sports
Children always follow the habits of parents for that we must familiarize it early in order to be able to exercise in the morning.

8. Familiarize Handwashing
Hands are the source of the disease especially for children, more than 10 thousand types of germs are in the hands of children, because they touch more of us. Make sure the hands on the child is often washed with antiseptic soap, because children often touch the nose and mouth occasionally.

9. Do Not Protect Continue?
Protecting children is a must for parents, but you need to know when children play for example on the ground, grass, water and other germs, his body will adapt to the type of germs. This will produce antibodies to new types of germs that touch the child’s body. For that let the occasional child play, because brave dirty is good.

Thus our actions as parents to keep the child’s health so as not to get sick easily. It is not easy to maintain the health of our child but as a good and caring parent of course prevent better than cure. A few tips and hopefully useful …


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