How To Kids Happy At home learning

How To Kids Happy At home learning

1. Often communicate at the son of a mother should be good to set the time and share his love of children, do not be too sibukdengan krumah affairs, the office, even huddle with neighbors, get used to chatting with children and create harmony so that the relationship more closely and this will also make children are more easy to manage. as an example take the kids talk about their daily life such as school, or friends. who knows the child will tell why he is difficult and lazy learning.

2. Mother should be a good example The gini mother So … if the mother has managed to seduce a child, then the child was also willing to learn, you should keep the Mother is beside the child mother. while reading a book or magazine on the side. This way can motivate children to want to learn. do not even watch TV or play mobile phone beside her, later that there was a lazy attitude to be present when often see mother

3. Set the time a child’s learning should Beginning early Mother must set the time the child, even in terms of learning. but still give freedom to children, it will make the child used to the routine that was already agreed upon time. for example, assign a child’s learning about 5pm after he played, or you can also give a bit of a shock if your child on time.

4. Make learning fun atmosphere Usually a child has their own way to learn, maybe if during this time the mother provides a learning atmosphere that is very saturated, there is a good mother provides a fun learning environment. for example, if children are learning math, you can give a guessing game about math. This is an effective way loh mother …

5. Mother must have patience key to invite children to love to learn is to remain calm and patient, control emotions when the child’s mother was told to study harder, because taking children to learn how to scold, menggentak or threatening will not produce anything, even the child will increasingly lazy to learn because of the focus on the emotions of their parents. if the Mother remain calm and patient, sooner or later they will obey us ko, keep in mind also the mother … usually a child will follow the character and behavior of their parents, then it remains calm and positive yes mother


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