How to keep children docile and obey their parents?

How to keep children docile and obey their parents?

1. Being a Good Example Example For Kids

Parents should not only be utter and ordered the children to be good and obedient, it’s good good attitude and manners shown and exemplified in advance of the parents, because it is usually a child will follow the original nature of parents, and by itself without diisuruh child Mother will be kind and obedient to the commands of parents.

2. Reprimand of Children With Fine

When children make mistakes Mother, good counsel Bunda Bunda children with delicate and fine. However, if the error is still carried the child. It’s good Mother need not scold or nag him, just give the child a mild sanctions such should not be playing his favorite video game, and ban it until the child is willing to change his attitude.

3. Do not Shame and prestige to apologize to the child Mother

While the child’s mother had scolded all-out, and it turns out the mother realized the child was not wrong, it’s good Mother immediately apologize same child. no need to be embarrassed, explain to the child that we get angry instead of pique but because parents are too dear, and wants the best for the child. give children hugs and kisses, show affection Mother, this will make the child feel comfortable and realize that his parents were very fond of them.

4. Consistent in Educating Children

Give regulation remains on the child, and do not ever Mother changed the rules previously established, it is that the child’s mother can be trained to be disciplined and look for loopholes and regulatory mistakes ever made. If Mother remain consistent with the rules, then although not ruled, Mother child will be obedient.

5. Always pray for Kids In addition Become The Dutiful Child Against Parent

Parents are wise and good is an old man who always pray for her son, so although the mother feels the child sucks, let alone mothers are important Mother must keep praying. Minimal pray for the child after the mother to pray and pray for the child to be submissive and become pious child.

How is that not only clever but also Smart?

6. Give Kids Educational toys

Make sure the child has a toy that is just not enough as entertainers but also has educational value. Give them educational toys moreover
Child brain training games like puzzles, Sudoku games, chess or crossword puzzle special children. Besides asking children to memorize simple things can also hone a child’s brain, give praise and reward when he managed so that children are eager to learn while playing.

7. Speak A Story of Books

According to an expert on education, Dr.Rosmarie Truglio, reading can make children love books and love to read Buky, add to his and the child’s ability in vocabulary and develop skills in the language. There is no reason too early to read stories to children. Now there are lots of good books with interesting colors and images to be read in children.

8. Kids Get used to breakfast when Morning before Departing School

Suggestions for Parents, Do not ever miss this one when the child will go to school. Since 1970, many scientific studies that prove that a child eat breakfast in the morning or have a much better memory than those who skip breakfast. Moreover, children are also better able to concentrate

on her learning and also makes the child is able to learn faster. Make sure children have breakfast in the morning, even if only by a piece of cake or a glass of milk, it will greatly assist the child in learning.

A study conducted at Ulm University, Germany, proves that children or students who have breakfast in the morning had a much sharper memory and also more alert than the subject is a child or others who do not have breakfast in the morning.

9. Limit Kids Watching TV

Do not let children watch a lot of TV, because it is the wrong way to educate children. Many watching TV makes children become lazy, besides the negative influence of TV shows would seep in children. Give children a schedule for watching TV in a day about 2 hours


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