How to Invest True, Secure, and Reliable Best

How to Invest True, Secure, and Reliable Best

Actually, there is a fundamental difference between investments with trading, although the two terms are often confused by operators. The difference lies in the “who” are working actively to make a profit.
1) Investment
Perhaps, a simple definition that makes people assume that all economic activities that require capital is considered as an investment. In fact, there are several other attributes that an economic activity is called investment. Investments are “passive”; that is, you as an investor are not run directly attempt to gain an advantage. There are others who use the money, and you just enjoy the profit (or loss) only.
For example, when you save money in the bank, you can be regarded as an investor, and your savings are used by the bank to engage in business activities. Then, you benefit in the form of interest. It is one of the positive side of the investment: You do not need to do anything. Thus, the investment is suitable for you who have another main activity; savings or pension funds could be a safe investment alternative for those of you who feel no talent in this field.
The downside: You can not control or determine the profit target you want to get in a certain period. The profit you earn may not be significant, depending on the managers and the level of profitability of the company. Therefore, you must choose the correct investment and managed by a legal entity that has been recognized reputation.
2) Trading
Instead, trading is more “active.” That is, you as the actors themselves have to work to earn a profit target at a certain period. If you do not work actively, then you will not make a profit, or even lose money in large quantities. In this case, you have to rely on their own abilities, to learn from your experience or from the experience of others, and keep trying and trying. The profit you get depends on your effort level.
For example, when you decide to plunge into the world of foreign exchange (forex), then you must begin to understand the nature of forex trading, trading strategies, and the factors that may affect the profitability of your trading. In essence, there are a number of strategies that can be learned, but you also must be prepared to fail and learn from your failures back.
Consider the following illustration: an agent comes to you and offers something that he said “investment”, because you have to spend some money either as capital or registration fee. Then, you are asked to work hard to build a network (eg, to invite people to join or purchase a product), and the profit you earn is determined by how many people can you invite. Then, do you think, “Is that any investment or trading?”
If the views of the nature of their work, clearly it is not an investment, because you are self-determination. So, if you want to invest, make sure it is a reliable investment, because it has so many people who are victims, even up to hundreds of millions of rupiah and investing billions of rupiah due to bulging. The lure of profits multiplied under the pseudonym “social gathering chain”, “money tree”, “money game,” or even “shares pre-IPO” (of the company’s middle-barantah) have made people willing to spend a lot of money ,
Inevitably, the big advantage in front of the eyes of course will not be missed by anyone. However, the simple logic like this: there is no big advantage that comes instantly without any effort. Then, how could someone will give profits doubled within one or two months, while you just sit back at home? A government-owned banks do not dare to give interest above 14% in a year. It is simple logic that you need to bear in mind before deciding to plunge into the world of investment.
Well, then what is really no safe investment? Of course there are, but you should choose according to their interests, background knowledge, and budget. Here are some safe investment choice that you can learn:
Learn the type and Reliable The Best Investment For You

Property investment
Investment in the property sector is one of the best investment options for those of you who do not want to speculate too high with investment funds. Property alias fixed assets such as land and real estate values ​​are always increasing, even though the addition is not enjoyed each month. Indeed, investment properties requires a relatively large capital compared to other investments.
There are two alternatives of income that can be obtained from the investment property. The first alternative is often called the passive income. Income of this type do not enjoy a regular basis each month. Added value will be felt when the property is sold. For example, you buy a home to live in or for your occupancy at retirement. You do not enjoy a monthly or annual income of the house, but when sold, its value could rise significantly (even up to two-fold).
Alternative second income is active income. In this case, you buy a property, such as land, apartment, or house (including boarding houses) for rent. You enjoy a monthly or annual income in the form of rental yields. However, you also need the right investment strategy so that your property investment contributing significant profits. Here are some safety tips to ‘play’ in investment property:
Determine the type of income you want from these investments; whether in the form of active or passive income? Then, only then specify the type of assets you want to buy.
Select the appropriate location; the location is one of the key success factors in investment property. For example, if you want to invest in a rented house or boarding house, then seek locations around kampus.Selain, make sure you choose a property in a location close to public facilities, such as roads, schools, station, supermarket, or other important facilities ).
And no less important: do not choose a location in an area known hazard, either natural disaster or fire. So, try not to buy property in dense residential areas, areas prone to earthquakes, or areas prone to flooding.
Buying a property right on the edge of the highway is also not recommended, because the risk of eviction during a road widening.
Gold investment
Gold is a precious metal whose value is highest, and has the highest liquidity as cash and savings. Therefore, gold has always been one of the objects of investment that almost never bring harm to its owner. The value of gold is increasing from time to time and the absence of depreciation make these investments more attractive. How it works is very simple: you simply buy gold and sell it at any time when needed.
In addition to increasing its value, there are several other advantages of gold investment, including:
The initial capital is relatively small; gold purchases can be done at any time, according your financial capabilities. That is, you can buy gold deposits in installments, stored, and then resold.
The process of purchase and sale easily; gold shops scattered throughout the area, even down to the village level. So, whoever has easy access to buy physical gold. Similarly to sell.
However, investment in gold also has some disadvantages. Among these are security issues. Storing physical gold at home is certainly a high risk of theft or robbery. So, if you want a safe investment for the gold, you should keep your gold in a safe deposit box (a valuables storage services available at the bank). The next risk is a forgery. Gold (especially in the form of jewelry) is quite susceptible to counterfeiting.
Here are some important tips that you secure gold investment and the risk of loss can be minimized:
If you want to invest in the form of physical gold (such as jewelry or bullion), you should select a secure storage such as in a bank deposit box; indeed, you will be charged an administrative fee, but the service will be much safer than you keep it yourself at home.
If you do not want to take risks with physical gold, you can start by investing gold certificate, which is usually offered by the bank. For this type of investment, you do not store them physically; however, you open a deposit account or savings in bank gold. How it works just like savings, your savings balance only in accordance with the prevailing gold price.
If you want more practical, you could invest in gold online. How it works almost the same as gold certificates, but the process of buying and selling is done online. You do not exchange gold, but only its value, while your gold stored safely in Bullion Association.
Learn how to any type of gold investment, along with the advantages and disadvantages of each.
For gold investment online, make sure you choose a safe investment managers, with a reputation that is already known. One is to examine the legalization of the brokerage firm in Bapepam or other international agency broker legalization, such as the CFTC in the United States.
Never invest in companies that are at high risk, for example perushaaan known origin, does not have an office, do not have a clear contact, MLM companies, or the like.
Mutual Fund Investing
Mutual funds as an investment instrument is no longer something strange to modern society. Mutual funds offer so many options, ranging from mixed funds, government securities, mutual fund shares to protected funds. Simply put, funds can be interpreted by spreading your investment by using existing investment instruments. Return on investment offered is usually higher (ie around 8 to 25 percent) than savings or checking account.
Mutual funds are suitable for long-term financial planning, eg for the elderly or for children’s education. Mutual funds are vulnerable to price fluctuations, sehingg quite risky if used for short periods. However, because the risk is high, the prospect of high profits too. However, for long-term investment over five years, mutual funds may be the best investment options because its value tends to rise over time.
One of the other advantages of mutual fund investments are not capital intensive. These investments can be reached by anyone; even, with a capital of 100 thousand rupiah you can become a mutual fund investors! In addition, liquidity is quite high; that is, you can withdraw your investment at any time (eg time of his return increase).
However, this type of investment also has a number of weaknesses (which is why this investment is said to be at high risk). Among them: profitability depends on investment fund managers, so the result depends on the skills of the manager investor. In addition, if the timing of withdrawals is not right, it could be return on investment you get short of expectations.
Therefore, there are some safety tips to invest funds, for those of you who are interested to try designation in this field:
Learn the ins and outs of the investment fund, along with the instruments to prevent or minimize potential losses;
Choose an investment manager and a good bank and has a reputation that has been recognized.
Make checks to Bapepam to know the identity, legalization, and the reputation of the investment fund management institutions.
Plan your investments carefully, including the investment period you want.
Consult with a trusted investment manager if you want to attract investment funds, to ensure that the return on investment you earn significant.
Do not choose mutual fund products from small companies whose credibility is questionable. Some of the official company is registered, such as OSK, Danareksi, Mandiri Sekuritas, E-Trade, or Panin Sekuritas, could be your choice.
Investment Savings and Deposits
Deposits and savings is one of the safe investment options. Both very minimal risk, even at the same bank where you deposit liquidated or closed; because the government guarantees your money. This type of investment is suitable for those of you who do not like speculation or do not want to play in the gray area. The advantage that you get a clear, appropriate interest rates or savings deposit rate applicable. These investments are popular secure, especially if you are saving money in large banks or government-owned banks.
Savings and time deposits has a number of similarities and differences. Both are the same as you put your money in the bank and you receive benefits in the form of flowers. The difference is that much more liquid savings, that is, can be taken at any time if you need (especially with ATM facilities), while deposits can only be taken after the due date. However, interest on deposits is relatively higher than savings interest.
However, the appropriate level of risk is low, these investments menghasilka return on investment is relatively small (compared to investment funds or gold). Magnitude of interest is not too volatile. In addition, special for deposits, you may be charged a penalty if funds are withdrawn before maturity deposits has been determined.
Here are some safety tips with the correct investment or savings deposits:
Choose a bank that has a good reputation, especially national scale bank or government banks such as Mandiri, BNI, BCA, Bank Meka, CIMB Niaga, BRI, Citibank, BII, and so forth;
Especially for deposits, create financial plans mature. Specify when you need the funds back.
The longer the term of the deposit, the higher the interest rates; so, if you target a larger profit, select a longer period of time.
Savings suitable for temporary reserve fund; if you are not going to use the money in the near future, you should select deposits
Avoid investments or savings deposits when inflation is high, because the profit you can ‘float’ by inflation. So, please do take a macro-economic conditions before deciding to invest in the form of deposits or savings
Consult your financial planning on a bank clerk in which you will save money.
investment Bonds
Bonds can also be a reliable investment options, and its nature is similar to deposits or savings. But the two differ significantly, especially in terms of your investment fund managers. For deposits and savings, investment funds managed by the bank, while bond funds managed by the company. Simply put, together with debenture bonds (promissory note) Long term issued by companies or governments for par and a given time period.
The way it works is quite simple: you lend money to the company, and you earn interest during the loan term (typically between 5 and 20 years). Therefore, the management company bonds recorded it as a long-term debt. One advantage of the bond is the large selection of different types of bonds. Among others are:
The bonds are secured versus unsecured bonds
Bail bonds also called mortgages. In this case, the company issued debentures secured by fixed assets, can include real estate. Conversely, as the name suggests, unsecured bonds are not accompanied by mortgages. Unsecured variant is usually accompanied by a high bid bond interest that investors concerned. However, because of the unsecured bonds is fairly risky; if the management company bankrupt, it will be difficult for you to get your money back.
Bond futures; the period of debt due on a certain date
Serial bonds; bonds with maturities gradually
Bonds to be redeemed, that is, bond funds can be redeemed before maturity
Convertible bonds, ie bonds that can be dikonverso to other securities
Indonesian Retail Bonds (ORI), which is usually issued by the government
To be a profitable investment with bonds, here are some tips that you can try:
Before deciding to invest in bonds, it helps you learn the types of bonds, the advantages and risks, so you do not miscast. Capital issued by individual investors usually quite large. So, the slightest mistake can be fatal.
If you are a beginner, you should start with ORI, for the highest safety level
If you want to invest in bonds of companies, so make sure to try on the highest criteria; capital is greater, but the risk is lower, and a smaller risk of failure. An example is the bond of the leading private companies, such as Astra, banka national scale, and others.
stock investment
Stocks could be the best investment option for those of you who like a challenge. Briefly, the stock can be defined as a share or part ownership of a business entity. By buying shares of a company like PT. Telkomsel for example, automatically you already have a stake or share in the company in accordance with the funds that you invest in Telkomsel. The profit you earn is called dividend. That is, you have a voice in decision-making processes in the company.
In addition to dividends, profits from stock investments is the chance of capital gain, ie, if the value of your stock selling far above the value of purchase. Difference Rp. 500 alone could mean significant if you have a lot of sheet stock.


However, this investment too risky. Among these is the risk of capital gains, for example, when you need the money and decided to sell your stocks when the selling price is below the purchase price. The next risk is the possibility of companies going bankrupt or liquidated. The company’s assets may not be enough to restore investor shares.
So, tips on safe investment with a direct stake in the company is choosing a trustworthy company and has a high profitability. Also, do not be tempted by the lure of pre-IPO shares offered by the company are not clear status. Keep in mind that under the guise of investment bulging stocks include types of fraud are rife and already claimed many victims. If necessary, study the track record of the company (it could be from the financial statements and management system) before you buy stocks.
other investment
Actually, there are many different investment options. Among them are investments in companies such renowned franchise Indomaret or Alfamart. Investments in the form of antiques can also be an attractive alternative. For items of art such as paintings or sculptures, the longer it is stored, the higher resale value. However, such investment is not dikuid; that is, when you need the money, there is not necessarily the person who will buy your collection at a high price.
Apply Risk Management Investment
Therefore, any kind of investment you choose, make sure you apply the proper risk management investments to minimize the risk of loss due to things that are not your previous predictions. Risk management is especially important for beginners, because they do not have the experience and insight in the field of investment. Novice investors often become victims of seduction investment dealer that offers the stock price or the initial capital investment is very low (even out of the ordinary). Here are some basic principles of risk management which may help you:
Do not be provoked by the news about the economy
When economic conditions deteriorate reported, usually there will be panic selling, where investors vying to withdraw their money before the bankruptcy (as reported) occurred. In fact, in these circumstances, stock prices or bond interest typically fall dramatically. As a result, many investors suffered a capital loss.
Try not accumulate your capital in one type of investment; You can vary the type of investment you choose. Examples for bonds, you can take the high-risk variant (with a big profit opportunities) and a low risk variant (with a lower profit opportunities anyway). With this tactic, you will not lose all your money when things are unexpected happens.
Feel free to play safe investment, especially if you are not the type of person who likes to speculate in pursuit of big profits. If your investment aims to guarantee the elderly or children’s education, it would not hurt you to play in a safe zone to reduce risk factors.
Lastly, be aware that the mere mention of the investment offer huge profits, without any explanation of the risks. Normatively, the big advantage is usually accompanied by greater risk. If you only know ‘manis’nya only, then you will not be ready to swallow the bitterness. The best investment is an investment that is considered the best way anyway.


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