How to introduce money to the child should have to be careful

How to introduce money to the child should have to be careful

How to introduce money to the child should have to be careful. In providing an understanding of the money to the child should be tailored to the age and level of understanding of the child, of course, delivered in a simple way that is easy to understand and fun. While introducing money to children, tuck a moral message about the use of money is good and not good. Usually children aged 3-5 years getting to know the money and the functions of money, as this is the role of parents is crucial in giving understanding to the child.

How do I?


Introduce the physical form and the nominal value of money
Try to start introducing money with the smallest nominal value or, for example, with a coin 500 rupees, after it continued to face a thousand rupiah, up to ten thousand rupiah. With the introduction of nominal money, so all the children also learn to count.

Teach you to pay for itself
Child thinking about money is not as complex as adults. For that introducing money to children, meet with a simple method. For example, when a child asks for money to buy ice cream, in front of the small, wondering how much ice cream you want the child. After that, tell your child to hand over the money worth the price of ice cream.

If he still does not understand, help him to calculate or hand over the money. if there is a change, count together these returns. by so doing, they will know if nominal determine the value of a currency.

teach saving
Saving money is something that should be taught early to our children. This is a very important part in introducing money to children. For starters, we need not jump to hasty open a bank account. Suffice it starts with a cute kitty. To attract children, let him choose piggy bank, then we can also bring him to decorate the piggy bank with writing or pictures that he liked and who reminds him to save. Then put it in a piggy bank that is easily visible in the room, so he will be reminded to fill the piggy bank.

Teach him that if he set aside allowance every day for a certain period of time, then he will be able to buy the toys he wants. In this way, the child will be more eager to save and when it would have eventually bought the toy, he will appreciate the item.

Teaches simple shopping budget
Do not think about teaching children with complex budgets. Rather teach a simple budget. Often when we are spending the monthly child to participate and not infrequently he wanted to buy food or he wants. Well, this could be a good opportunity to teach about the budget by giving limits on how much money should she spend. For example, he may only spend 15,000, – to buy food or she wants. When your child choose remind him that if the food / snacks that she chose exceed the price of 15,000, – then he should not buy it.

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