How to Educate Children Good, Smart, Religious, and Obedient

How to Educate Children Good, Smart, Religious, and Obedient

How to educate children must be understood as a whole not just one part of it. So that children grow up with either intact intellectually, spiritually, and emotionally. So educating children should be efforts to encourage and motivate children toward positive for meenukan bold new things intellectually, spiritually, and emotionally. All three are not separated much less eliminated.

A common mistake parents make is they felt they had enough just to put the child to school. After all, they were also taught in schools berbagail things. In this position, the possibility of failure in educating a child is in sight. Supposedly responsibilities as parents in print quality child can not get there alone. What should be done ?.
1. Teach Independence and Responsibility Since Childhood

Generally, parents have excessive anxiety in children. Then not again be too much concerned about children and overprotective. Learn to trust your baby but still watching from a distance without restraint and protect the mistakes made. Teach your baby to know his objects and merapikanya after playing. When it entered the school year to teach them to prepare keperluanya, give pocket money to be directed to set aside as savings.

2. Teach and Grow Child’s Curiosity

At the age of their children have a high curiosity. When melihal objects or something that has never been seen and understood, then usually they will ask.
As a parent you have to answer with menjelasan easily understood. If you do not know about it do not lie, try to explain as reasonable as possible. Avoid saying “Do not know” could only divert the undertakes to seek such information. If your baby is included which do not like to ask then you can provide feedback by providing an explanation without being asked. For example, “it is Elephants, animal likes to eat grass and has a long nose” as such.

3. Teach and Grow Kids Argued Capabilities

Generally parents indifferent to the child’s opinion. They too consider it important views of children. In fact, when the child’s opinion was ignored then it can affect a child minder made not dare argue. As a parent you should learn to listen to the views of the child, if it can be corrected his opinions are correct. For example, by giving a positive response when a child argues with positive praise meberi though his opinions carelessly. If your child is shy, with additional children then you can provide feedback by asking questions that trigger your baby to catapult his opinion. \

4. Teach and Grow Social Sense, Sympathize, Emapti, etc.

As a human sense of social responsibility, sympathy, empathy, and the attitude is very important. So that children grow up to be people who respect other people as early as possible then teach them to understand the surrounding environment. Teach your child to give to those in need, and do not be arrogant. For example there are beggars, let your baby gives. Then give an explanation of why we have to give and share.

5. Give Tauladan Good, Be Example

As parents, the attitudes and our behavior is a prime example that will be followed by our baby. If you want our children to be polite, bertuturkata good, then we must always behave like that as an example. If you want our children to religious, then we must give an example of what people are religious. Thus the attitude of parents is a prime example and role model for their children

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