How to Educate Children For More Smart And Intelligent

How to Educate Children For More Smart And Intelligent

An honor for the parents if you have children who are smart and intelligent. But perhaps the parents was confusion as to children who are too often asked. In this article, let’s know the ways of thinking of children in order to educate children by entering their world. Know that children explore and gain knowledge by asking questions. Curiosity extreme height makes them dare to try something new. With this form, they learn to learn an object.


With a song, they learn berkosa said. And the colors they learn to draw. So much for their clever, that sometimes parents do not have the extra patience will feel tired with their children’s behavior. But do not worry, things that only one of the characteristics of the brain development of children and you as parents only the task of educating children so that children are not misinformed.

16 Ways To Educate More Smart And Intelligent:

  1. Give Drink ASI

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There have been many studies that breast milk contains many nutrients that can boost immunity sikecil. Breast milk is free of bacteria and has a normal temperature so that it is suitable for baby, besides milk may increase the intelligence of the baby’s brain and improve antibody in infants. During breastfeeding, the baby with the mother of a process approach will be more intimate. And when the baby stepping childhood, his brain would be smarter than babies who are not breastfed.

  1. Speak
    Since infancy, even future invite womb baby talk seseing possible. A researcher from Sydney University says that if you want to invite to speak at the baby does not need to compliment or joke. Although a baby can not talk, but sometimes they can respond to the words you with an expression. Not only that, the baby’s brain to experience all that the rapid absorption to the longer a lot of vocabulary studied. For example, if you call out the name of the baby, an infant will not be turned when called his name. This proved the baby’s brain to absorb everything that is heard.
  2. Reading Stories
    According to an education expert Dr. Rosmarie Truglio, by reading children’s stories will make children love reading books, gave a new vocabulary in each story and will be absorbed by the child’s brain, participated add language skills in children. There is no reason too early, or fear the children do not understand. By reading a story every night or even when the child is asleep will make children smarter in speaking and berkosa said. Especially when it provides complete reading books with funny and interesting pictures.
  3. Come to Play
    By inviting play on the baby will add to the intimacy of the relationship between parents and children. In addition to speeding up the process of learning through play, children will also discover new things, to increase the ability of the brain, recognizing his talent, playing also can add to her emotional needs, and get new things. Examples of good games for the brain development of children, is a puzzle, crossword puzzle, draw, play music, catapults, and so forth. There are also online games, angry bird, and the game is honed to remember the baby brain.
  4. Listen Songs
    Listen to songs will make the children learn a poem, tones, and sounds of musical instruments in the song. Providing classic songs and jazz is one way to increase a child’s IQ and improve memory in the baby. Introduce a song from since a toddler or even of a fetus inside since good for brain development in children. Make the child away from the flawed thinking and will speed up the responsiveness of children in any field. Besides listening to the song an emotional impact on the child, so it was good to introduce spiritual songs, classic, jazz, pop, or alternative.
  5. Learning Music
    Providing musical instruments from as a child will have a big impact on a child’s brain development right. This is evidenced by the results of the study at Toronto University stated that children who learn music will easily improve the performance of the right brain. Deepened the results will be obvious, with several other studies with music will improve children’s IQ and achievement. It can try to provide music education for children over 6 months, and can prove themselves. Music gives a wave with a certain pattern on the child’s brain.
  6. Maintain Health
    Exercise regularly with both children and adults will be good for brain health. Smooth metabolism will affect the intelligence, in adults exercise is useful to avoid prolonged stress. Teaching children to exercise from an early age will give a good performance later in the school, in addition to the child will get the immune avoid various diseases.


  1. Playing Games
    In playing games, not just giving games to children. This is in order to avoid negative impacts to play games, some games can make children become lazy, and there were also games that the effect of making the child becomes stubborn and anarchic. In this regard you as a parent should be able to provide educational games in order to have more impact concentrate and get into the visualization of children’s learning methods. Examples of educational games can search on the Internet, going online or non-online. It is better to give the game 1 hour before learning, it is useful fishing concentration of children.
  2. Breakfast
    Since 1970, many studies that prove that a child get a full breakfast before going to school to get a sharper memory than children who did not have breakfast, although only breakfast bread or cheese with milk drink turned out to be very important role for the concentration of children. This will make the child quickly respond to the lesson.
  1. Curiosity Fertilizer
    Kids like a seed that is not yet known what wants to be a tree. You as parents can only leave a curiosity in children, explaining the things that kids do not know. It aims to find out the child’s sense of interest in what area. By providing a range of skills and different upbringing, the child gradually dared to ask the things they think are interesting. And parents only served to give answers that are embedded knowledge-knowledge in children.
  2. Avoid Junk Food
    Junk food or fast food contain excessive levels of sugar and fat, it is not good for the brain development of children. Due to the child’s brain is growing rapidly, it is good to give nutritious foods and iron to help brain development. Do not forget to give vegetables and fruits.
  1. Limit Watching TV
    According to experts in child psychology, giving time of 2 hours per day watching TV is enough for children, and even then under parental supervision. Do not get the wrong watch TV, because it will affect lazy in children because the TV show so easily absorb the child’s brain and negatively affect the child psychologically.
  1. The Family Warmth
    Character parents are needed here. With the warmth of the family will be able to improve the skills of children. By way of communicating, giving a sense of compassion, of utmost concern for children is a good first step to get a bright child. Conversely, if the parents have a hard character and torturing children or demanding child wishes to deviate from the child, it will only put pressure / load in children and covered the child’s creativity.
  2. Avoid Noise
    Noisy atmosphere will certainly distract the child, especially if the child was always invited to play by his friends. Of course this is not conducive, children need to learn concentration accompanied by parents. Sometimes children are given a variety of toys and leave him to cool to play alone. Research at the University of London proved that children who live a noisy environment it would be difficult to understand the book readings. In addition, research in Japan states that a child who lives a quiet environment to have a value higher learning compared to children who lived there were noisy, of course this also affects the memory of a child’s brain. If the home environment you are in a noisy environment, efforts are made to minimize noise by installing double windows, heavy curtains, and muffler.
  3. Know Nature
    Let the kids play and recognize the surrounding natural for 20 minutes a day. This serves to mengimpuls concentration and memory power of the brain, especially the attitude of a child’s attention. Natural waves seemed to be able to give freshness to the child’s brain and provide muscle relaxation and mental amid the activities of children. By reading the book amid the grass, walk around paddy fields, or even playing football will add a certain satisfaction in children, also increase brain function.

16. Avoid Stress in Children
Stress is a burden that came to me and psychological impact on everyone even the smallest child. This is due to environmental factors, school, and home. A study of children aged 9-12 years at the University of Malaga, proving that exam results in children who experience stress experienced very poor attention, difficulty concentrating compared to children who did not experience stress. The way out is you have to more actively engage with and help children solve problems. Being a parent does not have to be hard or wants to be appreciated by the children, be a parent who can be a friend to his children. And after the issue is resolved to give children a fun game to quickly get happiness back.


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