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How to Educate Boys

In educating boys, we as parents supervise more and also not restrain the child. Let it carry out its role, it will train him to be a creative leader and is responsible for all that he was doing. But if there is something wrong, we immediately set straight. Assertiveness parents is needed in educating boys. Children are a boon to a family, but one step in educating might be a disaster for a family. It’s a few tips on how to educate the boys:
Embed religious education from an early age
Religion is an important provision in life, for a man of faith is a bastion of all kinds of temptations that come. Since the child is still a fetus in the womb perdengarkanlah verses of the Qur’an, since infancy introduce the Creator God of the Universe. Whenever he would drink the milk or eat, start with basmalah, ending with hamdalah. When children begin to understand, teach meal prayer, the prayer of going to bed, going away prayer, prayer in a toilet, etc. Until the time comes we teach children started praying and fasting. Continuous religious education since the child was in the womb until he grew up, will become a habit in his life. Until he was well aware and understand the concept of faith and Islam.
Father as a role model
For boys, there is usually a male figure is an example, which he echoed in his life. Usually the father figure is the man most ideal for children. Therefore, boys must receive affection, attention, sufficient support from the father. If the father is not there, its role could be replaced by a male figure another adult, such as a brother, uncle, grandfather, and so on.
Establish emotional closeness
Boys will usually grow into children who tend to ignore. Since early intertwine proximity, spend time, give affection and complete attention. Be the best parents, so that when children get in trouble outside the home, he knows to be back where he knows who the first person to be contacted, he knows who to tell the problem. The child will return home as the most convenient place for him and not run into the street, drunkenness, drugs, as his escape.
Disallow boy’s proud parents treasure
Boys must be independent, not dependent on the parents. Parents treasure only limited facilities for children, and must be used wisely. Boasting its own property only a misdemeanor. Moreover, the property boasts a parent, for the boy was not really! Educate children to become independent and responsible for his life, because he would be a priest and a leader in his family. Teach skills that will be useful for him to live independently later.
Arm with courtesy and noble character
As girls, boys must also be provided with educational manners and noble character, in order to be a pious man also polite santu and noble behavior. Familiarize children from small with good attitudes how adab to older people, guests, teachers, friends, neighbors, etc. Also they should be familiarized with the manners to ask permission, etiquette of eating and drinking, dressing, talking, walking, so that they would become men who have a good attitude and behavior.

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