How to Block Lost ATM BCA via ‘Internet Banking’

How to Block Lost ATM BCA via ‘Internet Banking’

Losing an ATM card (Automated Teller Machine) does make anyone must fire a beard. Moreover if it turns out the PIN (Personal Identification Number) number used is not random or use a series of birth dates.

The shadows of money can be depleted by irresponsible people and take advantage of opportunities to cross the mind. Well, do not wait too long, immediately blocked the lost ATM card.

There are many ways to block lost ATM cards, ranging from contacting bank call centers to ATM card issuers, internet banking, and mobile banking.

Well, for you BCA ATM card users, there are several ways to block it, such as by contacting Halo BCA at 1500888 which operates 24 hours, through Mobile Banking BCA, or with Internet Banking BCA.

For those of you who want to block it through internet banking, do not need to be confused and feel bothered. Because you can block the BCA ATM is enough with the phone or personal computer only.

This method is very easy, especially when you are already accustomed to using banking services through internet banking. So, internet banking not only serves as a tool to perform various banking transactions, but also can be used to block the lost ATM card.

How To Block BCA ATM Card Through Internet Bangking on Mobile:

– Open BCA Mobile app
– Select “KlikBCA”
– Then click “Full Site” in the next section of the LOGIN column
– Then enter your “USER ID” and your Internet Banking “PIN” number

– Click “LOGIN”
– Then select it and click “Administration” in the lower left corner
– Next will appear the option “Bokir Kartu ATM” in the lower left corner
– Enter “Your Birthday” as a security verification
– Wait for a while until the information appears that ATM Card Block Finish Processed

How To Block BCA ATM Card Through Internet Bangking on Computer / Tablet:
– Go to BCA’s official website at
– Type “User ID” and “PIN” number in the available field
– Click “LOGIN”
– Select and click “Administration”
– Next select “Block ATM Card”
– Enter “Your Birthday” as a security verification
– A few moments later information will appear that ATM Card Block Finish Processed
As mentioned above, in addition to internet banking, BCA ATM card blocking can also be done manually via phone connection to call center Halo BCA 1500888. In addition, you also block ATM BCA through BCA Mobile.

1. Block BCA ATM Card Through Halo BCA
To block ATM cards via the Halo BCA 1500888 call center, you can use fixed / cable / home (PSTN / Public Switched Telephone Network) or wireless (mobile) phones.

Halo BCA call center service rates from cable phones are around Rp220 per 2 minutes and rates by mobile phone start from Rp900 per minute. So make sure your credit is sufficient when calling the Halo BCA call center for your BCA ATM card blocking process.

Here How To Block BCA ATM Card By Phone:

– Type 1500888 on your phone, add code 6221 in front of Halo BCA number when you’re abroad

– Press “Call”

– Follow the instructions, press the number “1” for Indonesian choice

– Next press “1” for BCA Banking Services

– Continue following the instructions, and select “Talk to Customer Service” by pressing “0”

– Then type “Your BCA Account Number” and end with an asterisk, example: 1234567 *

– Wait until you are connected to BCA Customer Service

– Once connected, let us know that you want to block your BCA ATM card because it is lost or swallowed in the ATM machine

– Usually, Customer Service will ask your Name, Address on ID, Mother’s Name, When Last Transaction, Balance Amount in BCA Account, and more

– Next, Customer Service will inform your account condition after the loss of your ATM card, whether there is any withdrawal or not, as long as the card is lost

– And Customer Service BCA will block the ATM card as per your request

2. Block BCA ATM Card Through BCA Mobile

How to block BCA ATM card through BCA Mobile is relatively easy and simple. This can be done on Android OS and iPhone. How to?

– Login and access to m-Admin menu
– Select Block ATM Card
– Then will appear disclaimer, card number and card type
– Then select OK
– Enter the m-BCA PIN
– Wait a while until ATM card blocking notice appears

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