How to Become a Successful Today Kartini on Financial

How to Become a Successful Today Kartini on Financial

Kartini is a very powerful woman who is able to give tremendous influence to Indonesian women. One of the evidence that can be used as inspiration is that despite being in a cramped environment, Raden Ajeng Kartini keep trying to think openly fight for Indonesian women to have the same educational rights.

Success during the struggle that certainly can be felt to this day. Now, many Indonesian women who successfully achieve their dreams or ideals. In fact, his success could have a positive impact on other women.

Kartini’s success today is not only seen from the achievement of what is desired, but also able to cultivate financially well. No matter how successful it is, there is strong support for the financial condition. Here’s a way that can be practiced if you want to become a successful present Kartini financially.

1. Have Financial Planning

Planning is the first step that needs to be done if what we want runs smoothly and has good results. This is of course also included in the financial affairs. Most of them have made good financial planning from the beginning. The goal is that the financial expenditure can be controlled and can minimize the fear that appears to wasted money in vain.

2. Routine Create a Budget List

Never forget to make a list of financial budgets is one way of financial success. Usually the list of budgets is made routinely within a certain period depending on the income earned.

If someone earns a monthly income it will usually make a list of budgets for a month, while on his daily earnings then making a list of budgets with a period of a week or two weeks will be more effective when managing his finances.

3. Using Credit Card Wisely

Today, many women are successful in business, whether in clothing, bags, shoes, accessories or food. Generally businessmen will always rely on credit cards when they want to meet the materials needed in the business.

In order for business and credit card to run smoothly and no problem, then they are automatically required to make full bill payment in a timely manner, not using credit cards to purchase other goods except business needs and so forth. Essentially successful businesspeople will use credit cards wisely.

4. Prioritize Shopping Needs than Desire
needs vs. desire

Who can not stand the good stuff, the famous brand, many used artist in the country or abroad, promo, discount and so on? Can not be denied, some women are easy to spend money just to buy a desire that is not necessarily used.

But someone who has a successful financial condition, he will not easily tempted by the temptation to shop. Certainly will do the right consideration, which should be prioritized between the needs and desires. That way, the financial outlay will not be wasted.

5. Have Insurance

A successful woman is she who is very prepared and her family from the risk of financial downturn by preparing the various insurance needed from the beginning. Starting from health insurance, psychiatric, disaster, education and lan forth. That way, will provide a sense of security in the future.

6. Have Savings

In order to give a sense of security to the financially women who are aware of it will set aside some of his income to save in a bank. In order savings can be used as an emergency fund and of course can be used anytime during urgent conditions.

7. Investing

Women today invest, why not? Precisely by making investments show women who are successful on finansialnya. He realizes if investing will provide significant benefits in the future. So do not be surprised if someone has the amount of wealth that many will even continue to grow because they have invested since the beginning.

8. Have Extra Income

Although already successful in the company occupied, there is no harm if looking for side jobs in order to have additional income. Usually women today, will take advantage of hobbies or skills possessed as side fields. This is done to provide a sense of security in the financial condition.

9. Already Setting Up a Pension Fund

Not always women will continue to work in a company because there is a time will enter retirement age. Himself who is aware of financially, the woman will prepare pensiuan fund from the beginning, that is when still in productive age. That way, he will not worry in his old age.

10. Obedient Tax Pay

Women who are successful on their finances will also be obedient to pay taxes according to its provisions. It is also part of the obligation that must be fulfilled as a form of shared social responsibility.

In addition, with the payment of this tax is also very useful in the development of the country. Thus, as citizens also get some benefits, including public facilities, defense and security, food subsidies and fuel oil, environmental and cultural sustainability, the development of mass transportation equipment and so forth.

Financial Literacy is more prosperous
Basically, when you have learned about finance it is difficult to practice. Yet by running a good financial management and done in a discipline will provide huge profits in the future. That way will have an impact on the life that is lived, life will be calm and prosperous without the need to worry if there is a bad financial condition. It is part of successful financial management. “Happy Kartini Day for all Indonesian women. Stay as a shining person “. asuransi pendidikan