How To Avoiding the Emotional Spending Habit ?

How To Avoiding the Emotional Spending Habit ?


How do you avoid emotional spending becoming a habit in your chidren? Here are something you can do :

1.Enjoy low cost or free activities

Teach your children to enjoy activities which are low cost or free. We need to show them that not every activity we engage in is necessarily linked with spending money. In today’s urbanized city environment. Children learn that unwinding and relaxing means walking in malls and being subject to tons of messages and merchandise. This builds a culture of emotional spending in your child. One of the most wonderful things you can do with your child is to enjoy the outdoors. Gardening, hiking, parks and other places where nature can be enjoyed are places that you can go to with your child. They will see a pattern of you having proper outlets for your emotions and will pick up this habit from you.

2.Optimizing the use of time

Teach your child to use time well. Most of us never learn how to use and manage our time well. Time is one of the key resources that can be used to generated, manage and multiply.

3.Second hand goods

Get your children used to the idea of using second-hand goods in good condition, the current generation is a generation of cavemen that need everything new and shiny. Why not get beter value by buying hight quality used and second hand items that are un great condition. You do not have to a spend top dollar for something new, but can profit off others expenditure instead.

4.Talking about emotional difficulties

Teach your children how to talk their way out of emotional difficulties rather than engaging in the wrong outlets. Earlier we discussed how people go shopping to de stress or they go clubbing, spend money on lavish lifestyles and impulse buy to help cope with life and their emotions.

Additions to alcohol, drugs and many other negative habits are the result of wrong outlets for emotional issues.
Many people arround the worl spend lots of money on therapists and psychologists to talk about emotions. Why not be that for own children ? get them to talk to you, build trust with them and then give advice when asked. Set up friends arround them who have the same values and can influence them in a positive way. These pre-emptive steps allow you to avoid dangerous and unproductive outlets in your childs life.

5.No tantrums allowed

Do not tolerate tantrums.. in both younger and older children. It is very important that we do not tolerate whining or tantrums. Always encourage your children to express themselves well and to articulate how they feel so they learn that emotions must be communicated in the right way. Do not allow the wrong behavior to them because you are too tired to deal with it. Remember, it is phase, once your children know that they will not get what want by behaving badly, they will start to express themselves in a more positive way. It will get easier and easier until the right habits are formed and the bad ones are stamped out. Iam sure you have heard of the terrible twos. Well, be assured that by being ruthless with our children’s tantrums and habits, we did noot have to put up with any such thing later and neither will you.

6.Create time to unwind

Set times for your children to de-stress and unwind after school in accurate ways. Stress is a big part of children’s live today.