Teaching children English at home is bothered easy. But if you already know the right tricks, children can be more interested in continuing to learn English, you know!

Which parent, hell, who does not want his son to have good competence? Have a competitive edge in the future. With the increase in the world’s population as well as the rapid technological advancement, our children’s generation competition will surely be much heavier than we experience. Nowadays we have been sued to compete with nearly 7 billion people. How about our children later?

One of our responsibilities as a parent is to provide the full skills a child needs in the future. Good competence skills, including the quality of his character including kamampuan literasi.

Talking about literacy skills is of course related to the ability of children to master the language, including English. Yes indeed, mother tongue is important to be mastered first. But, foreign languages ​​can not be left behind.

Based on a lot of research done by language experts, many say actually the faster the children learn a foreign language, the easier the child will master the language. For example, McLaughlin and Genesee argue that children acquire language faster without much difficulty than adults.

But in this case, Dra. Mayke S. Tedjasaputra M, Si, a lecturer of child development at Faculty of Psychology UI, reminded that parents should be sensitive, pay attention to whether their child is confused or not if introduced several languages ​​at once. In essence, if the child is able to understand the mother tongue, and look not confused, teaching foreign languages ​​as early as possible is not a problem.

Then, what methods can be used at home to teach children English at home? Of course, as parents we need to learn exciting and interesting teaching methods to attract the attention and interest of children to learn.


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