How to Apply for Study Abroad

How to Apply for Study Abroad

Want to enroll in overseas but do not know how? This paper may be of little help. As well as registering lectures at home. There are several common stages that are commonly skipped. Such as registering, sending applications, taking tests, etc. Each country has its own way, even more specifically determined by the intended university, such as requirements and documents, selection process, and registration fee and tuition fee to be issued.

But, it can all be known easily because most universities abroad, especially developed countries provide online applications on their website. So international students can register easily.

Understanding how to apply for study abroad will also be very helpful if later applicants are interested to apply for a scholarship. Why? Because, many scholarships that require applicants registered in the first university destination. Once they get the LoA, then apply to the scholarship. In fact, there are scholarships to be filed simultaneously with admission to the university. So that the success or failure to get a scholarship is also very determined to be accepted not at the university proposed. See 7 How to Apply Scholarship Application.

Here are some steps you can take to enroll in a university overseas. These stages may be different in implementation, depending on which priority is selected.

Specify Interests
Just stated to want to study abroad certainly can not be called real interest. Set clear interest. For example, S2 lectures at the Department of Architecture, University of Cambridge, UK or PhD programs, Business Administration, University of California, Berkeley, USA. You can assign 2 to 3 interests at once. The more specific it is the better. Because, will be associated with the ability to meet the requirements and applications during registration. It feels, determining this interest everytime we can do it. Only consideration is how to measure the ability possessed. Each has these considerations.

Having established a clear interest in foreign lectures, start from the beginning to make preparations. For example, prepare a source of financing. Whether the course will be taken using its own funds or other sources, such as scholarships, loans, grants, etc. If using your own expense, then just focus on registration only. However, if it relies on other sources such as scholarships, then there may be a separate process being traversed. Suppose that in addition to applying for admission to the university, you must also apply for a scholarship.

The next preparation is to strengthen English or language skills used in the destination country. The two most common English certificates required are TOEFL or IELTS. Often these language skills test scores are an obstacle to continuing studies abroad. Therefore, you should have preparation before the test and understand the form of the questions tested. So the cost of hundreds of dollars spent to take the test was not in vain. ETS provides Examples of Problems and Preparations that should be done before taking the TOEFL test. Can be downloaded.

Usually the more famous the university proposed, the score of the TOEFL or IELTS test scores are also higher. Certain programs may request a Graduate Record Examination or GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) score. Usually both tests are required to take the MBA program.

It is no less important is the achievement of academic achievement. Most of the best universities require satisfactory academic achievement. Acceptable opportunities can be smaller if the proposed value is mediocre. Some universities require participants to have a cum laude or a GPA above 3.5. This assessment system can be studied in the choice of destination country as it may differ from one to another.

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