Property prices are stable and the promise of lower interest rate mortgage makes many investors back into the property market. If you bukansalah one of them and you intend to invest in a unit, we’ll show you what you really are looking for.

Investment apartment is one step that you can go to get into the property market. But here are many things to consider before you take the risk, says a buyer’s agent Michael Fenech.

1. access
Feel yourself if you are on the side of the buyer and ask yourself, Do you want to pay rent and live here? he said. Buy in locations where tenants want to live close to where your life a little way into cafes, shops, and even the beach.

2. Location
You should always buy in a big city when you can, and try to avoid buying in a small town or suburb. Fernel advice, because the increase in revenue is always stronger in the larger cities.

3. Building Minimalist
Avoid buying in a large-scale developers who have hundreds of units in one building, it makes you lose the unique side. Take a small-scale apartment complex with a maximum of 18 units in one building.

4. Floors
Always avoid the apartments where you have to descend further down to gain access, as these apartments are usually less desirable.

5. Parking
If you have a sufficient budget, buy an apartment that has a parking lot or garage. This could add 200rb-300rb a month in mortgage costs, but you will get more in the rental price later.

6. Size
When buying a one-bedroom, make sure the extent of more than 50 m2 in, you may be difficult to get help from your bank if smaller than that. You can ensure wide units in the development plan, which should have been listed in the contract.

7. Renovation
If you have the budget, Fenech encourage you to renovate or minimal repaint the property, in order to maximize your rental price.

8. Getting to Know
Search tahulan and look around the neighborhood to see what is being sold by another apartment. You need to know what the market price of apartments around, to help you put a price you can offer.

9. Independent
Try to avoid apartment with frills companies; rules for ownership can be very complicated, so stay tuned to find an apartment managed to independent if you can.

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