How Good For Kids Scold

How Good For Kids Scold

Angry, we often use as an outlet for emotions and feelings of pressure. Unfortunately, we often lack control when venting anger. For example to children. As a result, the child was shocked and disappointed. How does a good scolding a child?

Rage, furious, anger, manifested in various ways and forms. There are just sullen and silent action. Some people do it with a high voice while enraged. Some are angry with a light hand pinching, slapping and even beat people who were subjected to his anger.

It’s no secret, parents often beat his son in venting his anger. The act of child annoying is the reason they slapped or hit. Moreover, when parents face problems at the office, the high emotions that arise sometimes acted to the child at home.
DR adolescent child psychology experts. Seto Mulyadi. Said it was time the angry parents abandon primitive methods of expressing irritation to the son / daughter. “Although anger is a human nature, the way must not be harmful or offensive to others. Moreover, to inhibit the growth of children,”
Similarly humane if the child does not like pressure or cornered. Therefore, expressing anger that way, not only ineffective, and reached the target, but it can also cause pain in children.

“Well, if you want, express anger, let us know by using the concept of messages themselves. Not to spoil kumunikasi. Because, basically the kids did not want convicted and unappreciated.

Messages themselves in question is revealing a feeling or attitude of a child resulting from his actions. In this case the parents pass on to your son / daughter that they were distracted by their actions. With good communication, children try to understand the issues and your mind as a result of their behavior. Never again just accused, vilify or even hit.

By doing so, further Seto, the child will understand that his behavior has provoked and disappointing parents. Methods such as these will automatically be absorbed and practiced also by children to everyone who bothered him, including his own parents.

“Children are like glass. They reflect what they receive and the nature of his parents. Well, is not it better to give ‘light’ good and useful ?! If they accept that getting angry is not synonymous with violence, later they’ll apply it in their lives.

The award-winning The Outstanding Young Persons of the World of Jaycess International gives a good tip when venting anger. When angry, he said, try to be positive emotions outweigh the negative emotions. The proportion is 75:25.

“The development of one’s emotions would be healthy if a greater positive emotions than negative emotions. Anger is permissible and reasonable, but do not just angry all the time. Of course it is good when children receive too many negative emotions,” said Seto again.

Do not trigger blame teenagers who frequently clashes in school, when you yourself often hit when upset or angry. Displeasure will be displayed with negative behavior, such as fighting or something. It can be learned from her parents to her treatment.

To all mothers, Seto stressed the importance of understanding that the best method of education of children is the mother tongue approach. In the first five years of the age of the child, the mother’s role is very great. Conceivably chances of that happening, if at that age children often experience negative emotions of the mother.

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