How Bathing Baby Right And Easy

How Bathing Baby Right And Easy

Typically for a young couple who have just had a child, baby bathing affairs sometimes still do not understand well. for those of you who are confused that the problems do not worry baby bathing following of will give you how to bathe the baby properly.

Toiletries must be prepared:

1. The pillows and towels
If you just want to wipe your baby, then the use of pillows and towels will greatly assist this process, let alone hand you’ve got to constantly hold the baby. Put a pillow wrapped in a towel and lay your baby on it. Do not forget, these activities should you do in a closed room, so that your baby is not cold.

2. Baby bathtub
Before you take your baby for a bath, make sure the baby bath is available and ready to use. You can coat the bottom with a towel or sponge, so that your baby feel more comfortable and safe. The use of this bath is usually for babies who are rather large.

3. Cain washcloth
You will also need a cloth washcloth or sponge bath to baby. Begin stripped one by one so that it is not cold. Rinse the body from the neck down.

4. Cotton balls
Cotton ball is helpful to clean around the baby’s eyes. Start cleaning from the inside of the eye towards the outside. Use different cotton ball for each eye.

5. Towel hat
Hooded towel is good to dry your baby after a bath. Remember, not rubbing the towel into his body, because then the skin may blister. Quite pat dry.

6. Clean Diaper
Before you to dress her, provide for her first clean diaper.

7. Alcohol
If your baby’s umbilical cord still attached, then you can use alcohol to keep it clean. However, should first ask your doctor whether it is the use of alcohol is permitted for your baby.

8. Product baby’s skin
A lot of controversy surrounding the use lotions and powders for babies. What is clear, avoid the use of products that use the perfume, as well as avoid using talc powder, because it can cause respiratory problems in your baby.

9. Baby Soap
The use of soap, can actually disrupt the stability of the pH of your baby’s body. In fact, the pH of the body can help protect it from germs. Well, any baby soap you choose, try to choose products that are fragrance-free and hypoallergenic. The use of soap was not necessary every day … just 1 time every week or every two weeks, until your baby grows bigger and interact with more dirt.

10. Baby Shampoo
Choose a sore that does not make her eyes. Use shampoo 1 or 2 times per week. The trick, drop 2 or 3 drops of shampoo on your baby’s head, then rub the scalp slowly.

11. Nail clippers
After he showered, the nails become very soft. So this is a good time to trim his nails.

12. Brush smooth
To clean the scale or dirt in your baby’s scalp, use a very soft brush. You can do this every day, after a shower.

The process of bathing true:

1. Prepare in advance the purposes of showers, baby soap, cotton and cool boiled water, soft flannel cloth, diapers and clothes clean

2. Fill in the warm water into the bath, check the temperature with his elbows. The water should be warm, but not hot. Ideally, about 28 to 29 degrees Celsius. Oh yes, be sure to bathe the baby room quite warm and not windy.

3. Open the baby clothes and wrap a towel on your lap.

4. How to bathe a baby for the eye area, eye with cotton swab that has been moistened with cold boiled water. Rub from the base of the nose to the outer corner of the eye.

5. Hold the neck and shoulders, Sabuni and rinse with your free hand. For genitals, baby girls, pubic flush with water. Open pubic lips with a soft and clean. For baby boys, wash the bottom, without attracting the penis foreskin if uncircumcised.

6. How to bathe the baby’s back and buttocks area, tengkurapkan baby in hand. Go around the buttocks to clean up his anus.

7. Hold the butt and lift. Wrap in a towel, pat to dry. Let the baby wrapped in a towel while you are dressing and diaper. Be careful in raising the baby, because her skin is smooth.

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