Here’s How to Divide Businesses for Investors

Here’s How to Divide Businesses for Investors

Many forms of cooperation to start a business, can also be in the form of venture capital from someone, which we usually call with investors, or also can be an investor but to take part and active in running the business and the last is the capital derived from debt.

Usually for this debt capital the investor will give the Interest of the principal amount of money borrowed. It is rare to give a profit calculation of the money invested.

To share the benefits that will be obtained by investors, of course, vary depending on the type of investment. For investors who are active with daily work. He will get a salary from all the energy devoted to the company. And the second he is also entitled to a dividend or profit if the business they do succeed.

Typically, dividends will be earned within a year. Revenue from salary entry in operational costs that can be obtained in accordance with the agreement of colleagues. As for capital owners who only provide capital without active in all business activities. He will only get a dividend at the end of the year with the amount of the amount of funds he gave.

Profit / Dividend Sharing by Percentage

For details of the form of division of investors we can describe as follows, when there are three people agreed to start a home-grocery store business. They collect capital from three colleagues with details Andi has a capital of Rp100 million, and Arman has a capital of Rp100 million, while Amir has a capital of Rp300 million. So the total capital is Rp500 million. With the percentage formation Andi and Arman has 20% of total capital while Amir has a percentage of 60%.

So that any profit can be based on the percentage. However, investors who are still active will still receive a salary as an operational cost. For investors who provide their capital without having to participate in business activities will get only dividends are usually distributed in a year.

Set aside Investment Fund for Corporate Development

However, to keep in mind the company’s profit in one year should not all be included into dividends. Remember the company also needs planning and capital to keep expanding. Let’s say budget for advertising and promotion. Or also with business diversification. All need additional capital. So that the company does not have a lot of burden in the future because of debt. Maybe it would be better if you have more capital than profit. So there is no need to interest to restore the capital used. And the company can continue to grow.

Back to the previous illustration, for the division of investments that have been accumulated by adjusting the task and the amount of capital that has been given. Examples of cases, when the business established by the three friends reap a considerable profit. In the first year they managed to earn a profit of Rp500 million. Then it can be described for the division is from the first profit is Rp500 million minus the agreement and the calculation for the development plan next year is Rp300 million or 60% of the total profit earned. This we need to allocate, not all the more profit for the dividend so that our business movement will tend to slow, but if we prefer the dividend for the allocation of our business development it will grow faster. Another year of operating expenses cut by Rp100 million.

So the rest of the profit is Rp100 million, this value will be shared by investors. Then they share the profits with the profits of each investroe as follows. For Andi and Arman as both include capital investment of Rp100 million and only Amir that provides capital of Rp300 million. However, Andi and Arman are still active and help companies to grow, so in addition to dividends they are also entitled to receive monthly income as operational costs. While Amir with a capital of 300 million automatic he will get a bigger dividend from both colleagues.

So Arman get a dividend of Rp20 million while Andi also get Rp20 million this calculation is from the calculation of 20% multiplied by dividend earnings of 100 million (after cut operations and cut capital development business) while Amir is 60% multiplied by Rp100 million so the result is Rp60 million.

Thus the profit and the division, in order to avoid disputes better distribution of profit discussed in detail in front and not to cause misunderstandings for parties involved cooperation. In an effort, the credibility of honesty and openness of a flow of funds and capital is essential to avoid misunderstandings between investors and users of funds. asuransi pendidikan