Here Is The Money Warren Buffet Invested

Here Is The Money Warren Buffet Invested

Who does not know Warren Buffet, a businessman who entered into the ranks of the richest people in the world. The figure of middle-aged man who is now aged 86 years is indeed a lot to provide successful business experience, especially in the field of Investment shares. Warren Yang currently has a position as CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, is a man who is expert in the field of investment.

Got the nickname as the richest man in the world, making Warren Buffet has a lot of stock in some famous companies. He dared to invest a lot of money to buy shares, and finally managed to benefit from some shares he invested. Warren always managed to buy shares in several companies in the right way, that is when the Company is experiencing a decline.

Maybe you want to know, where did Warren Buffet’s money invest? And how the results of its Shares Investments, following the review:
1. Shares in the American Express Bank
Around 1964, there was a scandal that called a famous American bank name, American Express with a company in the field of vegetable oil processing Allied Crude Vegetable Oil. The scandal originated from a loan granted by American Express to the owner of the oil company, Tino De Angelis. asuransi pendidikan

Tino deceives, the vegetable oil he had been transporting through the port, was not 100% oil, he mixed it with Water. the scam is going on for a long time, so Tino already borrowed a lot of money for this business, including to the American Express Bank. As a result of this scandal, American Express shares fell by 50%. It was when Warren Buffett emerged and invested $ 1.28 billion worth of shares, and he made a profit of up to 290% of the investment.
2. Shares of Coca Cola (1988)

Warren Buffet not only invested his stake in point 1, he also did the same to the Coca-Cola company’s shares. Had decreased to 2%, apparently Buffett saw this as an opportunity, besides he also really liked the brand of soda drink worldwide. finally in 1995 he had 100,000 shares of Coca Cola worth US $ 1.2 Bilion. Its shares are kept to this day.

3. Shares of Gillete and P & G

P & G in 1980 The well-known shaver industry, Gillete had a declining sales in 1988, and as usual Warren Buffett got in and invested US $ 600 million in stocks, which means Buffett owns 11% of Gillete’s shares. It did not stop there, at that time, Gillete was acquired by P & G and surely this would further benefit Buffett. In one day Buffett could reach its profit of US $ 650 billion for a total of US $ 4.4 billion. Finally, Buffett also invested in P & G.

4. Goldman Sachs Stock (2008)

Furthermore, Buffett invested in shares for Goldman Sachs, when the financial crisis that occurred on Wall Street a few years ago, through Berkshire Hathaway, Buffett has invested US $ 5 billion to the Bank. And within just a few hours Goldman’s stock rose 6%.

Three years later, Goldman decided to redeem Buffett Investment, Goldman had to pay US $ 5 billion plus US $ 500 million for having returned the loan earlier than it was supposed to be in 2013. on that matter Buffet receives a dividend, so total payment amounts to US $ 5.64 billion.

5. Geico Stock (1970)

This company is one of Warren Buffet’s biggest Investments. Buffett bought the shares belonging to this insurance company because it works with Benjamin Graham who became his mentor and his idol. Benjamin also became an Investor of Geico. Buffett invested US $ 45.7 million for 30% of GEICO shares.

Then in 1995, Buffett decided to acquire this company for US $ 2.3 Billion. At that time the value reached US $ 4.7 Billion, while Buffett managed to own shares with only US $ 2.35 Billion.

Buffets Always See Opportunities Before Investing
Warren Buffet has the nature of always taking advantage of opportunities to start investing. At a time when some desirable companies have faced a downturn, even almost lost, Buffett managed to revive it. Opportunities are important in determining whether the investment we make will be profitable or not.