Here are some ways to educate children at home

Here are some ways to educate children at home


1. Educate to be independent at an early age

Erect attitude can you grow your children since early age. Stop to protect your child, when the phase your child to socialize with your peers provide oversight without restrain or protect the mistakes he had committed, cultivate the habit to be able to recognize objects hers to keep and tidy up after playing. When entering the school give pocket money and try to provide guidance in the use of such allowance set aside for saving.

2. Educate to have a positive curiosity

Curiosity in childhood is high some new thing or event that she wanted to know, so that you can learn to provide guidance in finding answers to the question by connecting everyday activities easily he understood. When your child enters the question puzzling explanation notify the point just a few words to facilitate understanding and explanation point to positive things.

3. Educate to argue

Allow your child to argue. An important life skills is the ability to engage people of all ages in the conversation. Giving your child a chance to argue to make her confidence is growing although in general you often overlook because it assumes that your opinion is always right. Mute your selfish sense to set a good example in hearing from people. So that mutual respect can be embedded on your child’s age.

4. Educating children to live simply

Many facts have shown that children who succeed they stood in a simple family. This is due to the simplicity of the children naturally into one style of his life. Provide artifical suffering does not mean your child should suffer but your child is conditioned completely limited in wanting something that triggers your child’s hard work, discipline, helping others and concerned with the environment. When your child mainananya mengingankan you can provide some challenges such as toys will be given after your child get used to clean up his room every day.

5. Educating children be good examples

If your child wants to have a good personality, while his family did not support with daily activities towards the good example it is a work in vain. So for those who want to educate children to be good examples to be started from you and your family the best. Give an example of the daily activities keteladan best so that your child will imitate your behavior. Real-life example is when you forbid children to talk when eating while you carry on a conversation while eating, this is a bad example.

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