Today there are so many insurance companies are standing in the middle of our society. All insurance companies are competing to reach the whole community to become a participant insurance. They offer a wide range of insurance products with very competitive product prices, and sometimes confuse the public. No health insurance, life insurance, fire insurance, vehicle insurance, through the insurance weird like certain body parts, for example (sorry) of the breast.

Most of the people of Indonesia may indeed still lay with the happenings of insurance. Our society is not familiar and yet aware that insurance (insurance minded) as in developed countries. Necessary provision of continuous understanding of the importance of insurance.

One of the common questions are commonly asked about the insurance community is what is health insurance benefits for us?


KesehatanAsuransi health insurance benefits is an insurance product that guarantees financial security to the insured when the related health problems due to illness or accident.

That is, the benefits to policyholders that is, that the costs associated with such health hospital costs, physician costs, drug costs, and even the operating costs would be borne by the insurance company, and tailored to the content of the agreements in the policy. Reread the terms and conditions agreed with the insurance company in the agreement.

Furthermore, some health insurance benefits are often used include outpatient benefits, hospitalization benefits, and dental benefits (conditional). Generally, outpatient benefits are covered by insurance companies, among others, the cost of medical consultations both with general practitioners and specialist physicians, drug charges in accordance with a doctor’s prescription, the cost of preventive measures and others.

As for hospitalization benefits, costs borne by the insurance company covers hospital fees, lab fees, the cost of emergency services, as well as including the cost of labor. While the dental benefits usually include basic dental care costs and complex installation costs of dentures.


Proverb says there’s no free lunch, including in terms of health insurance. To get all these benefits, of course, we have to pay a premium to the insurance company that bore us.

Pay health insurance premiums is a good preventive measure and that we could do when healthy before coming when sick. In order not to burden and a burden, paying insurance premiums is highly recommended to do since long day bit by bit.

Health insurance benefits are felt then, when unexpectedly we are experiencing health problems whose treatment requires a huge cost. That’s when we will feel that the insurance that we will receive from the insurance company is much larger when compared to the value of premiums already paid.

The premium amount to be paid and the amount of value depending on the health insurance program that we choose. Each insurance company has the type of program and different premiums with details of different benefits. Of course, the insurance company will limit limit fees that can be used per year.

Fortunately, if we are still in a fit and healthy condition. Therefore, health is the “treasure” that is priceless. Far more valuable than treasures in the form of matter. If we are sick, not wealth in the form of material that will be used to finance all our treatment until healed and healthy as usual?

That is, if we still have a treasure in the form of matter. If we still have wealth. LHA otherwise?

Therefore, willing umbrella before it rains. Proverb that illustrates how wise and unwise if we want to prepare while healthy before period pain came. Ready to health insurance is like knitting a small umbrella that will be our protector during illness later in life.

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