Growth and Development of Infants Age 1 Month

Growth and Development of Infants Age 1 Month

The first twelve months of your baby’s life is a period stunning infant growth. In such a short time your baby will change from baby depends entirely on you become a little kid started walking, talking and showing early signs of independence. Here’s a brief review of care and development of infants age 1 month.
Growth of infants 1 month

Growth and Development of Infants Age 1 BulanJangan worry if your baby lose some weight in the first few days of life. Babies are born with an excess of body fluids thus weight will fall by about 10% before it stabilizes and gradually increased. The development of newborns is very fast. Within two weeks, his weight will go back to the time of birth weight and continue to rise rapidly during the first month.

Exclusively breastfeed their children properly at the moment is one of the important things to be the mother did. Read more about breastfeeding here:
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The development of motor skills of infants aged 1 month

Innate reflex action includes:

Sucking – immediately after birth, your baby will begin to seek out and attach to the breast or pacifier to eat.
Remove food – reflex eject objects from the esophagus to prevent the baby from choking.
A firm grip – put your finger in the palm of his hand and felt his grip.
Moro reflex – when the baby was surprised to be snapped characterized by spread his hands and opened his hand (especially if there is no grip).
The instinct to go – if you put your baby’s feet on solid surfaces while supporting his body weight, it will seem baby step.
Although infants aged 1 month was able to turn its head when in a prone position, but their necks are not strong enough to support the head in an upright position. Therefore do not forget to prop up his head with his hands when lifting.

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