Growth Ages 1-2 Years

Growth Ages 1-2 Years

Growth and development of children aged 1-2 years is the golden period (golden age) in brain development and physical growth of children. As a parent, you must be very attentive to every stage of development of your child, especially in this period. Children aged 1-2 years are experiencing very rapid brain growth. At that age children have the ability to capture, process and mengekspersikan information. There are two important aspects in the formation of the perfect child development, namely nutrition and stimulation. If combined will lead to healthy children, intelligent, creative and well behaved.

From birth until the age of 1 year there is a development-gross motor movement to a very dramatic start from the head first and then to the foot. Babies will gradually be able to make a move up, rolled over on his stomach, sitting, crawling, standing, walking with the help of up to walk alone. Eye movement coordination skills – hands and other fine motor skills is also growing rapidly. At first, the baby has a reflex to grasp, able to control the volunteer gripping, moving objects from one hand to the other, pinching objects, pointing finger, eating itself up to make scratches with crayons. Babies are born with the ability to form memories unconscious (implicit), while the ability to form memories, unconscious (explicitly turn) will be formed when the child was 2 years old is tied to the development of language.

So what can already be done in the period of your child’s growth and development, here are some capabilities that are normally already controlled by children aged 1-2 years:

Mimicking the behavior of the people around him
Looking for a lost toy
Shows the location of objects
Understand the words and orders well
Doing experiments with nearby objects: such as inserting objects into the bottle, arrange objects lined up, make up vertically, and so on.
Recognizing the ownership of goods
Show and mentions the names of objects and images
Scrawling the paper when given a pencil or pen.
Able to complete a simple task if requested please
Say a few words together. Age 1 year can say three words other than “dada” and “mama”. Age 13-14 months started talking more and could mengucapka 6+ said. Age 15-16 months could use two words in a sentence and ask “what’s that?”. Age 17-19 months mastered 20+ words. Children are often invited to speak and read to be controlled about 200 words at age 2 years.
Age 1 year to learn to drink cup. Age 13-14 months can be better when drinking cup, less spill
Begin to feed themselves. Age 13-14 months could begin to use a spoon himself better.
1 year old can stand alone and walk better propagation on the surrounding furniture or objects. Age 13-14 months can walk backwards. Age 17-18 months could step up the ladder. Age 20-23 months can jump in one place.
Enjoy if told fairy tales or read to
Sedehana enjoy singing together
Starting capable mebangun relation friendship
Age 17-19 months could play ball and thrusting throwing toys into the hands of an adult to ask for help when you do not get to play. Age 20-23 months could kick the ball forward
Start can play a role
Proud managed to do something
Imitating folding (one folds), although results have not been good
Answering simple questions
Understanding the activity ended with the words “thank you”, “own” and so on.

Noteworthy is also the role of parents to always be near children, accompany them, give direction, especially in the period of growth and development of children aged 1-2 years. This golden period lasted only once in their own lives, to prepare and to give the best is the right step for children to grow up smart and creative.

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