Grant / tabarru

Grant / tabarru

Grant / tabarru is akda which has legality of Shariah law, either from the Qur'an and from the Sunnah, including the following

"It is not a favor that you are directing your face facing east and west. However, the goodness that is those who believe in Allah and the Last Day, the angels, the prophets, giving treasure preferred to close relatives, orphans, the poor, those who beg and to free the slaves .... . "

(Surat al-Baqarah (2): 177

Pillars Tabarru (grant)

As an important contract in the operational system Takaful, in its implementation, tabarru or a grant should pay attention pillar-rukunnya. If one of the pillars of tabarru or grants lost, would result in the "loss" of the validity of tabarru, which automatically can also result in the cancellation of the contract ta'awun (Takaful).

Pillars tabarru or grants are as follows:

Wahib (grantor / tabarru)
Wahib, the owner of the goods or assets that will be granted in tabarru-kan to others. In Islamic insurance Wahib / grantor is the premium payer customers.

Al Mauhub Lahu (Grant Recipient / Tabarru)
Grantee is anyone, male / female. old / young, even Muslims and non-Muslims. In Islamic insurance, almauhub lahu // grantee is Takaful participants of the unfortunate that are entitled to compensation / benefits of takaful.

Al-Mauhub (goods / property which will be provided)
Al-Mauhub namely goods, property or something that is owned by the owners. In Suggests should not give something that is forbidden in Islamic insurance, al-mauhub is a premium or contribution

As-Shigah (consent and qabul)
As-Shiqah are all expressions that require consent and qabul, either through oral and deeds. In Islamic insurance, generally shaped formulit application is signed by the participant, then Takaful publishing policy.