Got UMR Salaries Can Leave Parents Up Hajj? Here’s how

Got UMR Salaries Can Leave Parents Up Hajj? Here’s how

Working and already having a fixed amount of income every month is perfectly natural if you have a certain amount of desire in life. Money allows us to do many things, including to please both parents. asuransi pendidikan anak

Among a number of desires that want to be realized for yourself, happy parents would be one of the most important and desirable people who have worked. After all, the happiness of the parents will certainly be your happiness too, is not it?

Sending parents to the holy land to perform the pilgrimage is a thing that many people want. Perhaps you are one of them. However, if it turns out the salary is only UMR, you will need some appropriate steps to realize this one desire.

Hajj will require a substantial amount of funds, ranging from Rp35-45 million beyond some other personal costs. That is, you will need careful planning in preparing such large funds in finance. That way, your finances keep going well and your intention to send parents to the holy land can be realized immediately.

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How to Set Up UMR Salary to Depart Held Up Parent Hajj
In order for the desire to dispatch the parents on the pilgrimage can be realized well, it is very important for you to start managing finances right now.

If you see the cost of hajj large enough, of course you will need a lot of time to collect these costs with the amount of your income is only UMR today.

Do not let your good plan is just a mere dream just because no discipline in managing finances. Here are some ways to set the UMR salary for the plan to dispatch the parents on the pilgrimage can be done.

1. Calculate Financial Capability
Financial Capability
Prepare Funds Based on Financial Capabilities

Before preparing for the hajj departure fund, it is very important for you to look at financial capability first. Make sure the amount of debt is not more than 30% income so you can set aside some funds without disturbing other posts in the finances.

Check all expenditure items in finance and do not forget to keep all allocations for basic needs in order to be met well.

Specify a fixed amount of savings that you will set aside each month for this need. Allocate 30% of your income as a monthly pilgrimage savings account.

Next, make a calculation of the estimated hajj cost that your parents need so that you have a clear picture of the amount of costs and time you will need to achieve them. Do not forget to include an estimate of the increase in fees and salary increases annually.

2. Open Savings Plan
Hajj Plan Savings
Arrange Salary for Hajj Funds with Open Savings Plan

If you already have estimated figures you need to deposit each month, immediately open a savings plan to accommodate the funds. Saving always has its own challenges so most people are often difficult to do.

Avoid this kind of trouble by opening a savings plan in which the amount of funds you want to deposit can be automatically debited from your primary account.

How to save like this will make you discipline and not lazy to separate a number of savings each month. You only need to choose the amount of funds to be put in place from the beginning, the old (tempo) of saving you want, and automatically the bank will deposit it for you each month from your savings account to the plan’s savings account. In this way, saving your activities will be easier and fun.