Got a Credit Card? Check out Info about ‘Cashback’ and the Promo

Got a Credit Card? Check out Info about ‘Cashback’ and the Promo

Credit cards are financial products that always facilitate our financial transactions. Many people end up choosing to use a credit card because it feels advantageous.

Benefits offered by credit cards vary, from the ease of transactions, promos offered through discounted prices and cashback (money back), and much more, so it is more money saving. asuransi pendidikan prudential

Even the various promos when accumulated, the value can reach millions of dollars. From the reward cashback you earn from shopping, can be collected into a special fund, which later can be used for investment funds.

Here are some facts about cashback and credit card promos you need to know:

1. Pay close attention to the Cashback Promo offered

One of the advantages we can get when using a credit card is to get cashback. If you have a credit card that often offers a cashback promo, then you include customers who really benefit.

And the cashback offered is generally a discounted bill in the next month. You can collect the cashback to buy the required product.

2. How to Choose a Cashback Credit Card

Promo offered credit cards are quite diverse, and almost everything is tempting. There will be various interesting promos regarding cashback from the card issuing bank. In order not to confuse choosing the promo, use the financial product comparison portal. That way, you can choose a cashback promo wisely and according to your needs.

3. Select Credit Card with Largest Cashback Promo

If you’ve read the literature about a suitable financial product, then find a credit card that can provide the greatest cashback promo. The bigger the cashback, then we will be getting to.

For example, cashback ever offered by ANZ Installment Cards, where cashback offered is not half-hearted, up to 20%. While some other credit cards generally only give cashback about 0.5% – 5% or more. Which profit?

Alternatively, you also take advantage of cashback from HSBC Platinum credit card because it offers up to 25% cashback applicable in restaurants, supermarkets, and online transactions on merchants who work with a maximum value of Rp100,000 / month for 12 months.

4. Pay attention to Credit Card Limit Cashback

Did you know that credit cards also have certain limits for cashback promo. Not all credit cards can provide several cashbacks in a month. Well, cashback like that also can only be obtained when doing certain transactions and not all merchants as well.

Keep in mind, sometimes earn cashback can only be taken in some time to come, do not rule out also in the next months after doing shopping transaction.

5. Customize the Promo with Lifestyle

Promo offered credit cards every month is diverse. However, of course promo-promo offered it should not try everything. We need to adjust to lifestyle and needs.

If we are not too hobbies mutually smartphones, why should also choose an attractive promo offered for the purchase of mobile phones. So, do not easily tempted also that it does not provide more benefits for ourselves.

6. Find Promo at Supermarket

Supermarket is usually a place that always dituju every month to find the goods of everyday needs. In Supermarket, generally we can find many cashback offer from credit card that have cooperated with merchant.

For example, a Citi Cash Back Credit Card that offers up to 5% cashback applies not only to supermarket transactions only. You can also enjoy cashback credit card CITIBANK is also applicable for transactions at gas stations and restaurants. Maximum cashback worth Rp100,000 per month.

7. Do Not Make a Cashback Promo for a Fixed Reserve

We recommend not to use cashback to pay your credit card charges. If there is a fine, then cashback will be deducted in cash. If you plan to save or invest, cashback money should be collected used for both.


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