Gold Investment Effective Profitable

Gold Investment Effective Profitable

How to effectively benefit gold investments to secure wealth, keeping the family finances, and it could be to increase the wealth. Gold investment has always been featured in the public eye is because the characteristics of the gold itself is immune to inflation and economic shocks, plus the high liquidity of gold is easy to sell at any time, unlike other investments such as property, for example.


This time, Finansiala will discuss some ways of gold investment is quite effective and profitable:


1. The most common way of gold investment in Indonesia is to buy gold when the price is cheap, then sell when the price is high. The profit from the difference between the value of buying and selling. This is probably the easy way and the most classic, but it is quite effective because it is statistically the price of gold every year has increased by 20%. If you can be patient then your chances to gain wide open. We must be patient and be able to estimate when the best moment to buy gold and sell them when the price soared.


2. Saving gold for future plans, such as children’s education, marriage, Hajj / Umrah, buy homes, and others. The way to calculate how much it costs for the purpose, then convert the total cost in the form of gold. For example: You need Rp. 120 jt for a wedding 3 years (equivalent to gold 250gr). For that from now on you can save the gold in order to be able to achieve such 250gr. With the positive trend of the gold price rose by 20% every year, if you had saved and gold bars around 250gr then your big chance to enjoy the dream of the future and its funds may be residual, became more profitable.


3. Utilize gold as venture capital. So, there we mortgaged the gold and money from pawning the gold we play back for the purposes of business / business. But we should be more careful berkalkulasi, because we also need funds to pay the mortgage gold. But in the end we will reap a double benefit in the form of gold which we have our own business and assets of a money pledge earlier. For example: you have the money Rp. 100M to start a printing business, then the money you used to buy gold bullion (200gr), then you mortgaged gold in Islamic banks (for Islamic banks provide the highest value of liens and lien lowest cost). Then from the pawn gold bullion money you will use these funds to open a printing business you to buy printing machines, computers, desks, chairs, rental shop, and others. Later, if your printing business has been running smoothly, then you can pay the mortgage lien routinely gold from the printing business profits until later gold in the Islamic bank can redeem. Long story short after several years, the treasure of gold bars 200gr it back into yours again, plus a printing business asset that has got you from the beginning. The third way is actually the most recommended because of the money we have is not idle, but we use for other business more productive.

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