Giving Strategies Healthy Food In Children

Giving Strategies Healthy Food In Children

One day, I was chatting with my colleague, Asra Tengku, who lives in Pondok Indah. He intends to move his group playing because she and her husband saw quite a sight ‘disturbing’. “Many children in the school who are overweight!” Says Asra. They did not want his son, Hamzah, considers obesity as a natural thing.
I became interested nih. I know for a fact that obesity that occurs in childhood may continue into adulthood. In the end yes to take them on a multitude of health problems. Below, ways to help children remain ideal weight (plus a better life buddy!) And the question often arises:

Apparently, the little one (1 year) will be fat like her brother. Can be prevented early?

In contrast to adults, children need extra nutrients and calories as a ‘fuel’ for growth and development. Even so, it still calories in and calories out must be balanced. This is the tip so that the weight of children has always maintained:

Train their taste sensitivity. When children are accustomed to eating healthy, this pattern will be brought up later. So, begin to form these habits early on.

Serve only healthy food. For example, multiply the fruits and vegetables, limit your intake of sugar (streak drinks sweetened with artificial shopping list!), Olahlah food is healthy (more baked or boiled rather than fried), and so forth. Forget the rules ‘spend your food’.

Kids must learn to stop eating so full. If he must always spend anything (when the stomach is no longer fit), you will rush to tell him to stop eating later! Note: No need to provide excess food. If you are still hungry, the child must have asked for more really.

Outsmart common meal. Research shows, family always eat together, at least 1 time a day, will consume more nutritious foods than those who did not. Importantly, do not serve all the food on the table, but put the food (complete and as needed) on each plate. Also, arrange to have a meal should last about 30 minutes.
My child refuses to eat a variety of healthy foods. How do I motivate him?

This is the most common problem (and headache) parents. Can really be handled. Do the following:

Show off your healthy habits. Kids are great imitator. So, you (plus husband) should be compact and make your child always see you both enjoy a new and healthy foods. Note: If you do not like a certain food (though it’s good for kids), pretend to enjoy it. Your taste buds can grow you know. You might even be a big fan of these foods later.

Make healthy food as the only option. Empty the refrigerator and cupboards of unhealthy foods, and just prepare nutritionally balanced meals at meal time baby. So hungry, would not want a child will eat the food provided.

Introduce a new food every week. If the first child does not want to touch the food, try again, again, and again. If necessary, serve the food up to 10 times before the child moved to taste. Research shows, children will receive food that originally declined, after being exposed to these foods up to 10-15 times. So, do not be pushy and do not quickly give up ya!

Let your child choose. Provide a list of the best food for the child, then let him choose 2-3 kinds of foods he likes. Kids will definitely spend the food of his own choosing.

Just add something. Some vegetables (such as broccoli or spinach) contain a substance, so bitter. To neutralize the bitter taste, add salt, sugar, melted cheese on it, and so forth.
Si 3 years I always rush to swallow food. What is the way out?

It is often the case in children. However, the child must learn to eat slowly and not all at once. Otherwise, he might not be able to put the brakes on eating. Stomach takes time to tell the brain that the ‘plot’ which is already full. So, you should really set the portion of baby food. This trick:

Cut food into small size. Also, give special fork children. This will make it familiar to chew food is less.

Invite to chat. When eaten together, ask a variety of things in children. For example, activities on that day, what do babysitter, and so forth. By answering your question, inevitably it will slow down the tempo of eating. Say, too, that he should eat slowly, because this is part of the lesson manners.

Make arena game. For example, encourage children to chew race. He must menghunyah rice to 10 times and others. In addition to fun, a challenge like this will make no hurry to chew food.
Why is water important for children?

Kids need a lot of drinking in order to perform various everyday activities. Moreover, if the weather is at its hottest.
Drinking water is a must. Very young children easily once dehydration alias lack of body fluids, because he is too ‘busy’ busy (playing). So much fun, she often forget or lazy drink. So aware, it was already too late. He was already dehydrated. So, teach children to frequently drink. Note: Lack of liquids can make your child tired or dizzy.
Picky drinking water. Water plays a vital role in the body. Among them is to help the body to function properly. Hence, water should always be a top choice when your baby is hungry.
Prepare other alternatives. Lack of fluid in the body of your child can be overcome by giving fruits that contain lots of water (eg, watermelon), soup, and so on. Note: Limit consumption of sugary drinks is excessive, because this is a major cause of obesity in children. Avoid fizzy drinks also gave her that contain caffeine, because caffeine will make children often pee and loss of body fluids (though he needed fluids to the body).

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