Get Money from Your Own Vehicle Thanks to This Startup

Get Money from Your Own Vehicle Thanks to This Startup

An internet connection that connects us with all the needs and connects us with many users will help us to be able to do business activities that we previously could not do in conventional ways.

We can also easily find a job without having to bother making paper application jobs and sending them by mail. now with the digital era, we can easily send our application letters to job seekers, and find hundreds of job opportunities

Likewise with the use of our vehicles, if we want to get additional income for our vehicles. we can try to maximize through the services of a company that is developing through digital channels.

This company is an advertiser company that will ask for space on our empty car (usually the rear glass and the right and left side of the car). They will advertise and will pay a certain amount of rupiah for each trip with our car. They will give the application and we can turn it on when our car is traveling. Then this application will capture from the movement of our car and will copy into the rupiah through the Global Position System.

There are many start ups in Indonesia that sell these services, and maybe we also see a lot of how many vehicles now have stickers with certain advertising content. Some start ups that we can consider are:

1. Advertise

The advertising sticker installation company on this car was established at the end of 2016. This company was founded by Glorio Yulianto and Kalvin Handoko at the end of 2016. Then the business was glimpsed by the colorful companies of the Gunawan and Benny Girsang groups with the provision of funds worth Rp1.3 billion .

Advertising uses GPS technology to record travel tracking on vehicles advertisement stickers. And until now there have been many companies that make use of advertising services.

2. Promogo

Similar to sticker advertising companies on vehicles, Promogo is a start-up company founded in 2016 by two people. They are Sergio Rusli and Andrew Tanyono with thousands of driver partners. They also managed to attract several online transportation companies like GOJEK.

3. Sticar

Still standing in the same year, the partnership between Rio Darmawan, Enzo Hutabarat and Eric Rammada also succeeded in establishing Sticar. Services that also provide passive business opportunities from your vehicle.

By calculating per 1000 kilometers and will be converted to the value of the rupiah. Sticar currently also has several companies that collaborate with Sticar to advertise on vehicle owner stickers.

4. Klana

Slightly different from previous start-up companies that only used empty space outside the car. Klana also utilizes free space in the car as in the headrest and car dashboard. Usually a partner from Klana is a car rental company.

5. Karta

This time Karta carries a different concept, this company uses two-wheeled vehicles as a tool for advertising. Two-wheeled vehicles that are willing to become partners of Karta will be given additional media in the form of a box that can be lit, and contains advertisements from Karta clients.

This box will be attached to the back of the motorbike seat. Unique but can be said to be innovation which also draws a lot of attention on the highway. Partners from Karta will get the financial amount of the traveled mileage.

6. KarAds

Founded in May 2016, advertising efforts with sticker sticking on this vehicle also enlivened the start-up business for this sticker advertisement. Since its establishment until July 2016, the Start up has been able to capture around a thousand vehicle owners as partners to become a place for advertising on their vehicles.

7. Wrap car

This startup also has the same features and systems as other companies, it was also established at the same time in 2016. The company also uses the GPS feature as a tool to determine the distance to be converted to the rupiah.

8. DoQar

This advertising company was founded by Eko Mulyanto and Freddy Gunawinata in August 2016 and began launching the beta version in 2017 in February. The company is reported to have received partnerships of around 500 vehicle owners. The only difference is that this company does not limit the minimum and maximum amount of distance traveled by the vehicle owner.