Functions Vitamin Here Crucial For Baby

Functions Vitamin Here Crucial For Baby

Before discussing any circumstances which require supplementation of vitamins, following some vitamin function should be known.

vitamin A

One vitamin that should not be missed in the future growth and development of infants is vitamin A. One important function of this vitamin is to support the baby’s quality of vision. In addition, vitamin A plays an important role in bone growth and protect the body from infection.

Another important function of vitamin A is to promote the health and growth of cells and tissues of the baby. Without sufficient intake of this vitamin, hair, nails, and skin baby may experience problems.

vitamin B

B group vitamins needed skin because it has the function, among others, to assist energy production and red blood cell production. Do not misunderstand the notion that vitamin B function is to provide energy for the body.

Indeed, vitamin B complex function is to assist the body to wear the fuel to be converted into energy that the body needs. Another function of this vitamin is to help the body’s cells reproduce the new DNA.

Vitamin C

The function of vitamin C is not less important to accompany the growth of your baby. This vitamin has a vital role in the formation and repair of cells, red blood cells, bones, and tissues. In addition, vitamin C makes the gums of children maintained their health.

Another function that is no less important than vitamin C strengthens blood vessels are children and minimize bruising caused by falling or rubbed. Help the healing process, boost the immune system and prevent the body of the baby contracting the infection is another function of vitamin C. Do not forget also that the function of this vitamin helps the body absorb iron from food sources.

vitamin D

Other vitamins that have an important function for the baby’s body is vitamin D. Vitamin D is an important function, among other things helps the body regulate the amount of calcium and phosphate. Both of these nutrients are very vital in maintaining healthy bones and teeth of your baby.

vitamin K

Vitamin K plays an important role in the blood clotting process. Without this vitamin, even small wounds that can continue to bleed so hard to recover. If children and adults get this vitamin from bacteria in the gut and the food, the babies get it naturally from their bodies and breast milk. However, the amount of vitamin K in the body of the baby is still low because they do not have the intestinal bacteria to form one. For that, at every child born normally be given an injection of vitamin K.

Anytime Baby Need Vitamin Supplementation?
Generally, babies are getting a variety of substances needed for their growth and development of breast milk or formula. This is especially when they are the first 4-6 months. After that age, the baby will get a diet of different foods ranging from liquid food to more solid.

Infants 4-6 months of age who consume less breast milk or formula or 0.95 liters per day is recommended by supplemental vitamin D. When the baby had been given complementary foods, so doctors usually do not recommend vitamin supplementation.

Vitamin supplementation may be necessary in infants born preterm, low birth weight, or have a small size in the womb. In addition, babies who have a chronic problem that affects appetite is also advisable given vitamin supplements. Just make sure you consult with your doctor before deciding to provide vitamin supplements for the baby.

Better understand the function of vitamin and when babies need supplements to make us better understand how to support the growth and development of infants.


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