Frequent Adverse Impact If you Scold Children

Frequent Adverse Impact If you Scold Children

Frequent Adverse Impact Scold Children – Every parent has tesendiri way in educating their children. It takes creativity to address various problems in children. In its development, the child often makes parents acting so impatient and tend to be harsh, scolding one of them with children.

Did you know that studies conducted by Lise Gliot, Phd., A Neuroscientist from Chicago Medical School suggests that children in the golden period of growth (Golden Age) have billions of brain cells that grow when stimulated with a soft touch parents. This study took a sample of a mother breastfeeding her child, stroking, showing the development of brain cells that are outstanding. But when the children hear the growl of anger parents, a beautiful circuit milliards brain cells get destroyed. This obviously affects the brain development of children. Adverse effects often scold children not only eroded the child’s development of brain cells, some of which are:


Children’s Mental Psychological fall
In children who often scolded, the sound waves from the bark mixed with the emotional wave of parents and form new waves that are destructive, destroying brain cells of children who often scolded. In the short term, adverse effects often scold the child is the decline in mental and psychological child and malfunctioning of other vital organs. Children are often scolded will appear more pale, unhappy, unfettered, and low social interaction.

They will be more careful in the act, so it is not uncommon that children often scolded actually behave very timid, or very brave. Courage is not obtained because they learn something, but the result of imitating the behavior of their parents. Indirectly, children copy the behavior of parents.

Fear Excess Until Depression
Due to the collapse of the brain cells causing damage to the function of speech and thought, the adverse effects often scold the next child is a mental stress or depression. The intensity often scolded child will continue to trigger the time bomb to the child to grow into an aggressive child, frustrated, angry, selfish, always feel guilty and worthless. Excessive depression can lead children to do things diverge. Even in the worst cases, suicide.

Introverts tend personality
Adverse effects often scold next child is a change in behavior and personality of the child to be changed. Introverted personality or closed is a condition of the change in the child’s character initially jovial and cheerful become more subdued, as if he did not like to be disturbed closed. Attitude shut ourselves off from this environment due to the reluctance of children to express their opinions. Kids choose to remain silent rather than later continually blame.

Kids Experiencing Trauma
In the long term, the trauma becomes the adverse effects often scold children who break the communication link parents and children. Kids no longer had confidence in the elderly, also felt unsafe when with a parent. Kids will more easily move away from their parents, so the relationship between the two stretchable. This traumatic experience can take place until the child becomes an adult. And eventually the child will get used to be apathetic or indifferent.

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