For the Future of Children, ‘Homeschooling’ Could Be a Choice

For the Future of Children, ‘Homeschooling’ Could Be a Choice

We all agree, education is a very important one in one’s life. With the education, then someone can develop better in the future. That’s why the importance of getting the highest education possible for everyone.

Education not only can be reached through formal channels such as elementary, junior high school, to college. Today there are many other educational alternatives that children can take to get a decent and best education. One of them is homeschooling.

What is Homeschooling?

In a sense, homeschooling is home school. Homeschooling phenomenon is quite popular in recent years, even become a trend for people who live in big cities.

Today many parents prefer homeschooling to their children compared to regular schooling.

Actually what is homeschooling? This term is often known as the term of home education / home-based learning. Homeschooling is an alternative education which is organized by a family that aims to develop children according to their respective potential.

There are 3 methods applied in homeschooling, namely:

1. Single Homeschooling

This is a homeschooling done by a parent who is in a family without joining the other parties. In this case the parents who have an important role as teachers who teach directly to their children.

Even if it is brought by a private teacher, only directed to guide and direct the child in a lesson that he likes. Usually the teachers who come from the institution that is specifically held homeschooling.

2. Homeschooling Compound

This method of homeschooling is done by 2 or more of the family. However, the main activities are still done by each parent. And certain activities are temporarily carried out in collaboration between both parents.

3. Homeschooling Community

The method of community homeschooling is a combination of several homeschooling manjemuk determined in the syllabus, main activities, teaching materials, facilities and infrastructure, until the learning schedule.

In the teaching process, some families will give trust to the body of the tutorial which is specific to provide the subject matter.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Homeschooling

There are advantages and disadvantages in this homeshooling teaching process. Here’s more about the advantages and disadvantages of homeschooling.

Excess homeschooling:

Provide independence and creativity to each student
Provide opportunities for learners to be able to develop the potential of individuals as much as possible
Not following the competency standards of the schools

Children are protected from poor social environment
Preparing children for real social life

Focus on the abilities and interests of children who then help children to grow
Teach children to situations and conditions in the social environment

Provide opportunities for children to interact with other peers outside of study time

Weaknesses of homeschooling:

Less so provides the opportunity for children to be able to interact with peers who can provide a valuable experience to the child
Isolating children from real life is sometimes less fun, so that will be influential in the development of children

The child is not ready in the face of real unpleasant conditions

Education Can Be Gained Wherever and Whenever
Education is very important for everyone because it can help develop into a better person. Education is not only available in schools, but wherever and whenever you can receive knowledge.

Both formal and informal education can go hand in hand that can complement each other. But the most important of all is the readiness to the cost of having educational insurance. asuransi pendidikan