Follow the Financial Tips Ala Safir Senduk to No More Confused Manage Finance

Follow the Financial Tips Ala Safir Senduk to No More Confused Manage Finance

Managing finances is already a must, especially for those who already have their own income. By managing finances well of course will support the healthy financial condition going forward. If you can not manage finances well, then one of the risks that can happen is the emergence of piles of debt that will disrupt the financial future.

But unfortunately not everyone understands how to manage good and true finances. So a lot of mistakes he did in managing finances. Actually you can learn the financial tips from the experts as a guide to manage good finance, one of them is Safir Senduk. asuransi pendidikan

Safir Senduk is a graduate of STIE I / BMI Jakarta and is also the author of a number of print media, tabloid financial business, up to several famous radios. One of his books is quite popular is Family Financial Planning. Even young people also become speakers in several seminars and television and become the owner of the most complete financial site of financial planning. As one of the finance experts, Safir Senduk provides some tips that you can try to manage good finances:

Managing Finance

1. Modestly, the Bank certainly will not issue credit cards without your permission. So if you feel the use of credit cards is not too important, it would be better not to apply for credit card making

2. Make a business with small capital but can be sold with high value, what is it? Business consulting.

3. Invest in collectibles. All goods can be collected, but not all goods can be used as an investment.

4. If you are an employee and have a side business? So please stop being an employee if the business income is 3 times the salary as an employee.

5. Want to own a car but limited funds? Then you might consider buying a used car. This is because the value of the car in the first years will shrink big.

6. But what if you want a new car loan? If it has cash, it will be better.

7. There are 2 kinds of assets, the first asset is the asset that always makes you spend money every month. The second asset is that always gives you money every month.

8. There are 5 cost components in the holidays, namely transportation, accommodation, attractions, food and beverages, and shopping / souvenirs.

9. Single parent? Why not try to have your own business. Do not just rely on the profession as an employee.

10. Try a Syariah bank credit, the bank will buy the item and then sell to you at a higher price to be paid in installments.

11. Differentiate buying goods by using credit of commercial banks and sharia banks. If using a commercial bank loan, then you pay the principal price plus its interest that can go up and down.

12. Saving via commercial banks and sharia is different. If in a commercial bank then you will get interest. While in sharia banks, you will get through a profit-sharing system.

13. The longer the investment period, the better. So it does not matter if you choose investing with big profits even though the risk is also great.

14. Savings Futures vs. Life Insurance? If you want to get bigger results, then it would be better to choose saving futures.

15. Tips on vacation with minimal funds, you can press on lodging and transportation costs.

16. There are 3 kinds of budget for a vacation, the budget is minimal, normal budget, and more budget.

17. The use of credit cards must be for productive things, do not use credit cards for consumptive things.

18. Eat before hunger and stop before feeling full in the finances. So prepare the investment as far as the day and do not be greedy with the profit in the future.

19. Try to know sharia mutual fund, which is mutual fund investment based on Islamic sharia.

20. For the new to work, you can try to start saving futures and then move on to mutual funds.

The Importance of Managing Good Finance
Managing finances well will be very beneficial for the financial condition going forward. You can start learning from people around, financial books, and experts in financial matters.