Five Tips to Choose Insurance

Five Tips to Choose Insurance

Legs are a valuable asset for footballers. Once the price, David Beckham is willing to insure for Rp70 million or around Rp 700 billion. The choice is because the limbs are the source of income that feeds him and his family. How about you?

Here is a tip for you to choose the right insurance needs accordingly:

1. So many types of insurance offered by insurance agents. However necessary, not all insurance products you need. Everyone has different financial conditions that need insurance products is not necessarily the same. So do not buy. Get to know the product first.

2. not only choose the type of insurance that needs to be considered, but also the policy of each product. Read the policy clause carefully to understand the costs and the size to be generated. Often things go wrong, the law against the chosen policy turns out to be less meet the needs, or vice versa, because the need is not there.

3. For the same type of insurance, with an alternative premium, otherwise known as company policy. Choose which offers the same coverage and premium services.

4. main mistake. The insurance company will only redeem the claim for loss caused by the factors that have become the agreement. For example, not all types of disease treatments are covered by health insurance because there are several things.

5. Observe the track record of insurance companies, whether registered in the Ministry of Finance or not (check at Strategy for the right healthy product quality to serve customers’ claims. Many cases of customers feel disappointed because it is difficult to get a claim that is entitled to get. Be careful, inadequate services such as insurance agents do not understand or risk to the customer.

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