Five fundamental strategy

Five fundamental strategy

Five fundamental strategy Many things about how to create a readiness to buy has been thought, written, published, discussed and taught for many years, we want to draw on the development of thinking about it for the past 70 years into a basic strategy, establish hubunganm steps towards sales, negotiation, strategic sales and diagnostic approaches. Each strategy has advantages and semuaya continues to evolve in line with changes in the business world, we believe that you will go degan our conclusions about the direction of the development of business in the future.


Having a relationship Most sources of the first stage of formalization of sales skills development inspired by the book How to win friend and influence people works of Dale Carnegie in 1973. This book describes ways to make people like you, take their hearts, leading them mnuju your mindset, even changing others without offending them, Carnegie sparked approach that focuses on relationships, in this approach, we need to create good relationships with others so that they think, feel or do things we want.

Steps towards sales Efforts directed next born from the desire to imitate the things that have been done by the sales sukes, or in other words, tracing the process of which they had been through, was born the era initials, in the 1950s appears acronym AIDA which means the attention, interest, desire, and action , In essence AIDA aims to describe the things that we experience when acting as a buyer. At first, something caught our attention might generate interest, then comes the desire within us until we finally take action weeks to buy it.

Accordingly, timbulah efforts to establish five, six, or seven langkahnormatif yangharus passed a seller to make sure the course of all the stages leading to the creation of sales. negotiations After the birth of an attempt to manipulate the interpersonal interaction between the customer and the seller, developing a sales approach that is not so focused on the players in the play, but the transaction itself, the negotiations took over, now the sale is viewed from the side of the power and information, analyze your position and your opponent play your customers, the negotiations did not necessarily take a decision on the position of both parties in the midst of losing some bargaining power of each but also includes physical includes tactics mutually beneficial.

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