Financing Institution with Easy Terms

Financing Institution with Easy Terms

One thousand one way to Rome. This phrase is not only applicable to matters relating to humans only, but also applies to businesses such as car buying and selling business.

From here you can guess that there are so many ways you can get a car, whether it’s a used car or a new car.

One way out of a thousand ways is through leasing.

As information for you, leasing company is a non-bank financing company.

This company will provide funds to buy cars to the public, where people who use these services will pay off in installments.

You who want to buy a car using an installment system, a non-bank car loan company can be one of the answers.

Due to the large number of leasing companies you can use means you will be faced with many different options. asuransi pendidikan

To help you understand more about which leasing company is best to use, Carmudi has provided research on what companies you can use, Carmudian.

Astra Credit Company, Tbk. (ACC)
One of the subsidiaries of Astra International is one option that you can use.

Besides trusted because it is also under the auspices of Astra class company, ACC also continue to provide the best service.

Submissions can also be made with few requirements. ACC itself is already connected with more than 9000 dealers across Indonesia with customers exceeding 1 million people.

ACC in addition to providing car loan services, also provides credit for the purchase of trucks as well as heavy equipment.

ACC credit services are not limited to new cars, but also to used cars as well as to all car brands.

Requirements provided are also quite easy only need to bring ID cards, KK, paycheck and savings book. ACC itself has spread widely in Indonesia so it will be very easy to find.

BCA Finance
BCA Finance, established in 1981, is a subsidiary of Bank Central Asia or BCA. BCA finance is one company that dare to give a small interest for the purchase of new and used cars.

Even BCA Finance provides car repayment offer up to 6 years.

This company provides convenience for you who want to buy a new car only with a down payment of 20% with a maximum tenor of 4 years.

As for used cars you are required to pay a down payment of 30%, with a maximum tenor of 3 years.

BCA Finance itself already has an application on the phone that you can use to view the credit simulations you can post. Quite friendly yes, Carmudian.

Adira Finance
In addition to ACC and BCA Finance, Adira Finance is also a well-known player in car loans in Indonesia.

Adira Finance turns out to be one of the multifinance companies in Indonesia that is not merely financing car loans only, Carmudian.

Adira Finance controls the market share of automotive by 5.4 percent throughout Indonesia.

It can be said that Adira Finance is big enough, Carmudian. The requirements given by Adira Finance are also quite easy, you just need to bring ID, Family Card, paycheck and also the account of llistrik.

With this you can already apply for car loan financing at dealers who work with Adira. The requirements are quite easy to make Adira become one of the target of the community, you know.

BFI Finance
The company whose head office is located in BSD-Tangerang area, this is one company also known as car financing.

In 2014 alone, the company was awarded the top 10 best multifinance companies held by Infobank magazine. One of the reasons for you to use BFI services lho, Carmudian.

But compared to other finance companies, BFI asks for more requirements that you can still get with easy way, such as ID cards, Family Card, paycheck, savings account, electricity bill and also NPWP.

Car financing through BFI Finance can also be done for used cars and also new cars, even you can pay your installments directly to the dealership.

Indomobil Finance
As a finance company, Indomobil provides credit services to new cars as well as used cars.

Used car covered by Volvo, Great Wall, Hinno, VW, Suzuki, Renault, Foton and Audi. It’s just that if you want to use services Indomobil no age limit is given, ie between 21 years to 60 years.

The requirements given are also quite easy, Carmudian.

You only need to prepare documents such as ID cards, paycheck, family card, electricity bill or UN / phone as well as your savings account.

By bringing this requirement you can bring home your favorite car, of course, by giving a predetermined DP.