Financial Management of Job Seekers

Financial Management of Job Seekers

Jobseekers or also called Jobseeker is a situation experienced by everyone before getting a job. Job seekers are a condition that is not wearing because the source of finance can no longer be free during the education.

These job seekers must be good at managing finances so they can meet their needs as long as they have not got their dream job.

We as job seekers should be better able to manage the finances of those who have worked or are currently studying this because we are conditioned wrong to ask the parents shame because they have graduated from education and did not ask us there is no income as a result we ask in an unusual amount especially if we are already in the 3rd month looking for work. asuransi pendidikan

How do we get around our minimal finances?

If we still live with parents when looking for work, this problem will not be as difficult as imagined, but what if we look for work in a place far from parents?
Of course the first thing we think about is a place to live, for those who have relatives where we are looking for work we can stay there for a while but if it has entered the 3rd month yet also find the workplace of course we will be restless to stay at your place.

And if we do not have relatives or uncomfortable living with family as the case above of course where the boarding house is the most desirable solution.

Tips on finding kostan are as follows:

Find a place that is easily accessible with a minimum of 3 vehicles of public vehicles to facilitate us when there is an interview or when applying for a job

Choose a place where the neighborhood sells a lot of simple food or if possible a kost that provides a kitchen

Try to stay together in one room along with other job seekers who fared as this can minimize finance

Put primary / primary needs first compared to secondary needs. We as job seekers should know the order of our needs based on primary and secondary needs.
What are the needs?

As a job seeker we should avoid is hanging out casually, window shopping at the mall and so forth because it is an unproductive activity.

Avoid trying. Why? Because of the amount of free time we have makes us want to try all the things that have never crossed our minds we want to try so unknowingly this trial and error can drain our finances.
To make the time better try to include as many applications as possible with our skills accompanied by prayer.

Try after applying for a job should not be too hopeful only on one company because what we expect excess will result in deep disappointment. Prayer is the key to achieving dreams and endeavors is the way god shows the right path.

And no less important is to take all the opportunities that exist because we will never know God’s way that will deliver us to the glory.

Do not be too picky in finding a job.

Successful youths are youth with plenty of experience so that job seekers are a search experience because success is not instant. The spirit of work and keep going because our success is ahead.

Do not ever despair, and do not we waste the struggle that we have started. Indonesian youth unyielding and what we have started should we finish not we leave in the middle of the road.

Congratulations to fight the nation’s successor gererasi. Because of you we will be glorious.